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Mount Pisgah Academy Skyliner Newsletter - November 2023

Principal's Message

Dewald Coetzer

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As seasons change, I am reminded that our students navigate a dynamic landscape of challenges and change. The current era demands adaptability from our school, and we are committed to remaining responsive to the evolving needs of our students and families in this world. Recognizing the interplay between spiritual, academic, and emotional well-being, our staff is dedicated to cultivating an environment that fosters holistic growth.

To align our educational mission with actionable principles, as a staff, we are diligently refining the core values of our institution. This introspective process ensures that our actions mirror our aspirations, creating a purpose-driven educational experience for all our students.

We have also embarked on a comprehensive campus master plan. This initiative aims to enhance our facilities and provide an optimal physical space to pursue knowledge and personal development. By investing in the infrastructure surrounding our students, we aim to create an environment that nurtures academic excellence and a sense of belonging and well-being.

May the guidance and blessings of God illuminate and grace our campus, all to His glory.

Thank you,

Dewald Coetzer


Carolina Conference Youth Rally Makes an Impact

Abby Ackerman, Director of Marketing & Recruiting

Every year, Mount Pisgah Academy hosts the iMPAct Carolina Conference Youth Rally, a vibrant gathering that brings together young souls seeking spiritual growth and connection. This year's event saw a remarkable surge in attendance, with over 200 enthusiastic youth converging on our campus to celebrate the Fruits of the Spirit.

Upon arrival, visitors were warmly greeted by our current students. They were encouraged to pen down their prayer requests on tags, which were then hung on live trees in the lobby—a tangible representation of shared hopes and aspirations. A designated photo area allowed attendees to capture precious moments with polaroids, fostering lasting memories. Each registered visitor received a personalized name tag, a commemorative t-shirt, and complimentary meals and lodging, ensuring their comfort throughout the event.

The rally kicked off with powerful messages from Pastor Philip Baptiste, who shared his life experiences and insights on deepening one's love for God. Engage Ministries from Southern Adventist University added to the spiritual fervor with their soul-stirring worship music, creating an atmosphere of heartfelt devotion and unity.

The sense of community extended beyond the formal gatherings, with Friday night culminating in a cozy bonfire at Anderson Amphitheater, where students and visitors bonded over donuts and hot chocolate. Sabbath morning commenced with student-led Sabbath school groups, emphasizing illustrations and worship thoughts that brought God's Word to life. In the afternoon, attendees participated in diverse team-building activities across the campus, putting the Fruits of the Spirit into practice. Additional messages and musical performances continued to inspire and uplift everyone present. Visitors also learned valuable lessons from skits performed by current students. During the Sabbath service, 50 young people came forward to give their lives to Christ.

The weekend reached its crescendo with the much-anticipated Student Association Fall Festival. Visitors were provided with tickets, which they could exchange for dinner, beverages, desserts, and delightful carnival games, fostering a sense of camaraderie and joy among the attendees. The iMPAct Carolina Conference Youth Rally provided an incredible platform for young individuals to connect with like-minded peers who share their passion for Jesus. The event exemplified the spirit of community, faith, and friendship, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attended.

As the echoes of this year's rally fade away, the memories and lessons learned continue to resonate. The event served as a beacon of faith, love, and unity, underscoring the importance of spiritual growth and community engagement. As we reflect on this enriching experience, we eagerly anticipate welcoming even more attendees next year. Plan ahead and join us for the iMPAct Youth Rally—an unforgettable journey of faith, fellowship, and inspiration.


A Senior Class Adventure of a Lifetime

Nancy Parra, Senior Class Sponsor

This year the senior class was given their choice of locations they would like to go for their class trip. In the past, the seniors have gone to Orlando, FL and the trip has consisted of 4 days at theme parks and 2 full days riding the bus. The class considered repeating the tradition of going to Florida, as well as several other options such as Myrtle Beach, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, or even a location of their choice. After much discussion, the class decided that they didn’t want to spend 2 days riding in a bus (or paying for that much fuel) when there are such wonderful activities right here, practically in our own backyard. The class voted to go to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area.

"It was an AMAZING trip. Not only were all the activities really fun, but we were able to really bond as a class." - Jayla Gerosa, '24

The sponsors rented a large cabin that slept 42 people, each bedroom with its own bathroom. The cabin came with an indoor swimming pool, a large hot tub, several games, and lots of great amenities, right in the woods in Sevierville, TN. Not only did the group have time to enjoy the cabin and all it had to offer, but they were able to go to a variety show, ride the mountain coasters, play mini golf, enjoy an evening at a dinner theater, spend a day at Dollywood, go out to eat, and take advantage of many other activities that the location had to offer. They were even given money for a day shopping in Gatlinburg.

Students enjoyed helping to prepare a few of the meals in the cabin and also helped with cleaning up after the meals. It was a very fun and relaxing week for all!

"I really enjoyed this trip more than any other class trip because we were able to spend time all together with the students each day instead of everyone going their separate ways at theme parks." -Bruce Bellchambers, Senior Class Sponsor


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Mount Pisgah Academy is proud to host the annual Carolina Conference Music Festival. During this special event, approximately two hundred young musicians from schools across the Carolinas will culminate in a two-day music festival, ending with a special concert of choir, band, strings, and handbell music. The festival will be held February 29 - March 1, 2024, with the concert on Friday evening. Professional guest clinicians from various locations around the United States have been invited to lead the students in grades 5-12 in each of the 4 disciplines. Clinicians include Steven Green (band & strings), Katherine Bowes (handbells), and Livia Liga (choir).


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