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CHURCH SERVICES Each Sabbath, our students have the opportunity to attend church and Sabbath School at the local Mount Pisgah Academy Seventh-day Adventist church. Sabbath School, better known as The Exchange, encourages open dialogue between the facilitator and those in attendance. Additionally, the church service provides many opportunities for student involvement through its blended worship style. Students have the opportunity to lead out through music, prayer, and speaking.


DORM WORSHIP Each evening, worships are hosted in the individual dormitories. These worships often consist of praise and prayer time, along with a spiritual talk. The worship thoughts may be given by the deans, a guest speaker, or even a student. The content shared in this environment is often geared toward one particular gender, which allows fluid communication about issues not typically discussed in mixed group settings.

FRIDAY VESPERS Similar to the Sabbath church service, students are invited to Friday evening vespers. The music for this program is completely student-led, which allows for greater involvement and an opportunity for students to share their God-given talents. Additionally, various speakers share their testimonies and worship thoughts with the students. This is often looked forward to as it is geared toward the students and their current struggles.

Students on Mission Trip

SCHOOL-WIDE MISSION TRIPS Every four years, mission trips are planned to provide opportunities for every student to participate in a mission trip. Trips occur locally, resulting in little to no cost, while other travel all the way to South America or Africa. Creating a mind of service within our students develops their skills and allows them to be leaders in their own mission field. Many graduates have gone on to participate in a year-long mission trip while in college and continue to seek out ways to serve in their community. Read more about our ShareHim mission trips HERE.

All Students and Staff at MPA

STUDENT-LED WORSHIP Students are encouraged to worship together as often as possible. By gathering together on Fridays for prayer around the bell or studying the Word together in the dormitories, students are continually connecting with God and others. Additionally, students are encouraged to spend time alone with God (T.A.G.) each morning before starting their day.

YOUTH RALLY Youth Rally is often one of the most anticipated events of the school year. Students from across the Carolinas are encouraged to gather on our campus for a weekend of praise and worship. Southern Adventist University’s Engage Ministries team provides music, while a guest speaker shares a thought-provoking messaged geared toward common teenage struggles. Following this weekend, students find a renewed excitement about pursuing a relationship with Christ.

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