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ShareHim Mission Trips

Serving the entire world is part of the culture at Mount Pisgah Academy.  Each year a group goes around the world serving, ministering, and preaching the gospel. MPA has partnered with ShareHim Ministries in spreading the gospel to the world.  Every 4th year, MPA takes on the incredible challenge of a school-wide mission trip where the entire school, all students, and all staff spend at least a week on a mission trip.  We usually have at least six different mission trips going on at the same time.  Please consider supporting our mission efforts financially and with your prayers.  Every year many are baptized, including MPA students, as a result of these trips.  

If you would like more information about our upcoming trip(s), please contact our mission trip coordinator, Mark Galvez, at

You can now support our mission trip here by clicking on the donate button. *IT IS IMPORTANT to write the name of the student who solicited your support of our mission efforts in the space provided. If you are not supporting a specific student, please indicate which trip you want to support. Thank you for your support! 

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