It has been said many times: Christian education is an investment that pays rewards from now through eternity. Nevertheless, enrolling in a Christian school is a significant commitment in the context of a family’s overall financial priorities. The school board and administration therefore understand it is imperative to keep the cost as low as possible. Mount Pisgah Academy strives to be within reach of all young people who wish to attend.
    The following financial policies have been adopted and it has been found that strict adherence to these policies is in the best interest of both the student and the school:
1. The account for the previous year’s expenses at Mount Pisgah Academy must be settled before the student is permitted to enroll for the current school year. Any delinquent accounts remaining from brothers or sisters who attended Mount Pisgah Academy must be settled before another member of the family is admitted as a student.
2. In harmony with the policy established by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the school operating board, no transcript or diploma will be issued until the student’s account is paid in full.
3. A student transferring from another school must, at the time of registration, present a statement showing that his/her account at the other school is fully paid.
4. The educational service that Mount Pisgah Academy provides is charged on a flat-rate basis through the tuition, dormitory and cafeteria costs. This method provides for a more consistent monthly charge and prevents money from being a factor in the decisions made regarding classes enrolled in, eating in the cafeteria and other school program choices. There are additional fees but these are generally for services outside the core program offered.
5. MPA has partnered with a tuition management company called F.A.C.T.S. Tuition payments as well as financial assistance applications will be managed through this entity. Financial information and arrangements will continue to be directed through the finance office at the academy.

    Accident insurance is paid for in the entrance fee. This insurance covers student injuries while the student is under school care and school-sponsored activities. It does not cover hospital, clinic or doctor visits due to illness. Parents’ insurance is the primary coverage and will be billed first; school insurance is secondary.

    When eating in the cafeteria, village students, visitors, parents, and family members are expected to have a meal ticket which can be purchased in the business office or in the cafeteria ($55.00 for 10 meals or $6.00 for one meal).

    It is the purpose of Mt. Pisgah Academy and the Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to keep the school charges as low as is consistent with good business management. The school reserves the right to change the rates charged at any time in order to meet changing economic conditions.

    Students are liable for damage to school buildings or property. Payment for damage must be made in cash to the business office within two weeks. An additional charge for vandalism will be assessed in the minimum amount of $25.

    No student should allow his/her account to get in arrears more than 45 days without making proper arrangements with the business office. Failure to do so may make it necessary for the student to drop classes until satisfactory arrangements are made. All accounts must be up-to-date before examinations are taken.
    A student account two months behind will automatically suspend the student from the school unless suitable financial arrangements are made. Transcripts, credits and diplomas will be issued only to students whose accounts are paid in full, or arrangements made with the business office. Transcripts will not be released until the check clears the bank, or a certified check or cash is presented to the business office.

    The entrance fee is not refundable regardless of how short a period the student is in school. It is also payable in full for all registrants, regardless of enrollment date. The entrance fee covers the following items: yearbook, school paper, Student Association, library, recreation, Saturday night programs, insurance, boys and girls clubs, guidance and testing materials and minor nursing services/medical supplies.
    New students who turn in their application form by June 30 with a $100 non-refundable deposit, will receive a credit to their account for another matching $100.

    An incident involving unauthorized entry or exit to or from the school buildings is accompanied by a fine of $25.00. If items are missing or damage is sustained, the amount necessary to replace or repair will be added to the fine and these costs must be paid in cash to the business office within two weeks. Any illegal activities may be dealt with by the police department.

    The estimated labor earnings as presented on the Financial Information sheet is not a promise or guarantee regarding the amount which the student will earn. This can be affected by the following: extent of the student’s involvement in school organizations, scheduled home leaves and open weekend leaves, work absences while on campus and other reasons.
    Student employees will be paid for all hours worked at the Academy and in industry jobs. Student employees may elect to have wages earned assigned directly to the student’s tuition account by completing a Student Job Wage Assignment Authorization form for each employer.
    Income taxes are deducted from industry earnings. It is the responsibility of the student and family to file tax returns for a refund of income taxes.

    Students who enroll late but receive full credit will be required to pay full tuition. A full non-refundable entrance fee will be charged regardless of when a student enters school.

    Money will not be lent to students from the business office except in cases of serious emergency. Money for transportation, clothes, personal needs, etc. should be arranged for between parents and student before the time it is needed.

    Village Students - A monthly 10% multi-student tuition discount will be applied to the second and each additional village student’s account when two or more students from the same family are enrolled at Mount Pisgah Academy.
    Dorm Students - A monthly 15% multi-student tuition discount will be applied to the second and each additional dorm student’s account when two or more students from the same family are enrolled at Mount Pisgah Academy.  Information regarding reduced discounts for denominational employees is available in the office.

Technology Fee/Books                                                                     $350 per year
Cafeteria tickets (village students)                                            $45 for 10 meals
                                                                                                    or $5 for one meal
Private music lessons                                                    $12 per 1/2 hour lesson
Transportation Local (doctor, etc.)                                                             $7/trip
Transportation (Asheville airport)                                                           $15 /trip
Transportation (GSP airport)                                                                   $35/ trip
Transportation (Home Leaves)                                                actual cost varies
Other special travel                                                                        $0.43 per mile
Music supplies                                                                                       actual cost
Medical supplies/prescriptions                                                           actual cost
Industry worker uniforms                                                                    actual cost
Class dues:
    Freshmen & Sophomores                                                             $25 per year
    Juniors                                                                                              $50 per year
    Seniors                                                                                             $60 per year
Graduation Fee (Seniors Only)                                                                        $75
Science lab fees:
    Earth Science/Physical
    Science/Biology                                                                     $10 per semester
    Chemistry/Physics                                                                $20 per semester
    ACT                                                                                                      actual cost
    SAT                                                                                                      actual cost
    Career Assessment CDP/CISS (Seniors Only)                              actual cost
    Acrosports (Gymnastics Team)                                                 $235 per year
        or as arranged
    Band                                                            $75 per semester or as arranged
    Choir                                                            $75 per semester or as arranged
    Creative Ministries                                                               $50 per semester
    National Honor Society                                                       $25 per semester
    Present Truth Drama                                                           $50 per semester
    Vocational Classes                                                               $35 per semester
      Media classes (AV, Yearbook)                                           $25 per semester

Advanced Placement Classes
    English Composition 101(charged by SAU)                                 actual cost
    Pyscology & Health  (charged by SAU)                                         actual cost    
    Pre-Calculus(charged by SAU)                                                       actual cost
    AP Biology                                                                             $50 per semester

Dormitory Miscellaneous:
    Single Occupancy Room                                                         $75 per month
    Refrigerator                                                                                  $50 per year
    Village Students/Visitors                                                             $5 per night

    Students who may be absent for a period of time, but are allowed to make up work or receive full credit will be required to pay full tuition. In extreme circumstances, a refund of boarding charges may be allowed for extended absences, provided application is made at the Business Office immediately following such absences.

    A room deposit of $100 is charged for each dormitory student. This deposit is included in the amount due at registration and is refundable at the end of the school year. If the student’s room key is not returned at the end of the year, a deposit will not be refunded. Any cost of repairs or cleaning that have to be done will be deducted from the deposit. If damages exceed the room/key deposit, additional charges may apply.

    Heidi Jo Possinger Memorial Music Scholarship. This $500.00 scholarship is presented each year to a student in good academic standing with an exceptional talent in music.
    Dr.  David L. Jarrett Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund is set up to help a worthy student who has a strong desire to pursue an education towards becoming a doctor. The award amounts to at least $2,000 and is presented to a student at the end of their Junior year in school.
    George Grow Award. This scholarship of $500.00 is presented to a current student of MPA by an alumnus and friends of Mount Pisgah Academy, in honor of George Grow’s excellence in the teaching profession.
    Sara Eden Age and Nathaniel David Age Memorial Scholarships.  These $1,500 scholarships are presented each year to two students who have financial need, exemplify leadership qualities, have a willingness to serve others.
    Bill and Sharon Wolcott Scholarship.  To honor 24 years of deanship modeling Christ-like values and actions, this $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a student who demonstrates commitment to service, academic promise, financial need and who may be facing particular challenges and are in need of support or a second chance.
    Class of 1978 Memorial Scholarship.  To honor the memory and life of former classmates, this $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to a student who demonstrates commitment to service, academic promise, financial need, and who may be facing particular challenges and are in need of support or a second chance.
        Greg Hill Memorial Scholarship.  This $1,000 scholarship is presented to a student who has a strong work ethic and has a financial need.
    Sukari Hooley-Rodgers Scholarship
This is a $500 scholarship awarded to a worthy Junior or Senior student at Mount Pisgah Academy who has shown exceptional effort in working in the school industry to pay their own school bill. The recipient of this scholarship is chosen by the school administration and the scholarship donor.
    Worthy Student Scholarships. Students who cannot pay the full tuition fees may qualify for Worthy Student Scholarships after completing the Financial Assistance Application. Students who are willing to work during the summer are eligible for additional scholarships. The limited funding for this program comes from Mount Pisgah Academy alumni, the Carolina Conference, the Southern Union Conference, and other miscellaneous donors.
Students who receive these funds must:
  • Be a dorm student
  • Work an industry job
  • Maintain a minimum 1.5 GPA
  • Earn at least a ‘C’ work grade
  • Maintain at least a ‘C’ citizenship grade

Students whose parents receive denominational subsidy are not eligible. Students that leave Mount Pisgah with a credit balance will only be reimbursed for funds exceeding the amount of worthy student donations.

Merit Scholarships
    New students in their first year of enrollment may be eligible for a maximum of $1,500 in merit scholarships based on academics/GPA, leadership activities, and Academy Days events.

Academic Scholarships
    Scholarships will be awarded to new students based on their combined GPA from the two previous school years. Scholarships are as follows:
    3.25 - 3.49     $500.00 scholarship
    3.50 - 3.74     $750.00 scholarship
    3.75 - 4.00     $1000.00 scholarship
    This award will be mailed or presented, whenever possible, by a Mount Pisgah Academy representative at the school’s graduation service. This scholarship is for the first year enrolled only.

Leadership Scholarships
    Any student accepted to Mount Pisgah Academy that has held one of the following offices the year prior to enrolling at MPA will be eligible to receive a $500 scholarship. Students that have held more than one office can only receive a total of $500.
    Class President                School Newspaper Editor
    Yearbook Editor               Student Association President

Organizational Scholarships
    The various academic departments of the school and the following organizations award scholarships up to $500 during Academy Days:  Band, Chorale, Creative Ministries, Gymnastics and Drama.  Students will be selected for these funds by audition in the respective areas during Academy Days.

    Students are encouraged to not keep money in their rooms or on their persons. Parents may send money directly to the business office or students may bring money to the office. (Checks should be payable to the school and will be cashed in the office). This money will be kept on deposit only upon the signature of the student involved. Money should be withdrawn at the student’s discretion without school administration having to obtain parental approval. The school cannot assume responsibility for money not deposited in the student bank.

    Students are expected to have their own checking accounts for personal business, if needed. The business office cannot write school checks for personal business.

    Students may request that tithe be deducted from their student earnings each month by signing the Student Job Tithe Deduction Authorization Form. Student tithe will be sent to the Carolina Conference and will appear on the monthly billing statement.

    Any incident involving vandalism of school property will be assessed a fine of $25.00. In addition, the cost of the repair or replacement will also be added to the fine.

    Students who withdraw early will be charged a proportional amount of the yearly charges or will be refunded on a pro-rated basis from the date the withdrawal is received by the registrar or business office.      Students that leave school for any reason but are permitted to finish the semester academically will be charged full tuition rates for that semester.


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