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MPA Bell Choir playing at MPA Chruch

Mount Pisgah Academy is proud to host the annual Carolina Conference Music Festival. During this special event, approximately two hundred young musicians from schools across the Carolinas will culminate in a two-day music festival, ending with a special concert of choir, band, strings, and handbell music.  The festival will be held March 2-3, 2023, with the concert on Friday evening.
Professional guest clinicians from various locations around the United States have been invited to lead the students in grades 5-12 in each of the 4 disciplines.


  • The cost is $35.00 for each participating student. 

  • You may register 2 free sponsors for 1-20 students and 1 additional free sponsor for every 10 more students (21-30, etc.). 

  • It is $15 for all other sponsors and non-participating children.

  • The charges above per person will cover all meals and lodging during the festival.

  • Lunch and Supper on Saturday, as well as Brunch on Sunday, are $5 per person.

  • Lodging on Saturday night is also $5 per person.

  • If you are coming early or staying later you will need to make arrangements

Student playing band intrument
MPA Choir singing at the MPA Church


  • Bedding

  • Air mattress or foam pad

  • Pillow

  • Toiletries

  • Instruments (band, bells, strings)

  • Casual clothes & shoes

  • Performance clothes & shoes (black pants or skirt, white shirt or blouse)


Thursday, March 2

9:00                      Registration (Library)
9:30                      Welcome & Worship
10:00-11:50        Rehearsals
11:50-12:30        Lunch
12:30-1:00          Recreation in the gym
1:00-5:00             Rehearsals & Activity
5:20-6:00             Supper
6:30-7:30             Recreation
7:30-9:00             Movie in Auditorium    

Friday, March 3
8:00                     Breakfast
9:00                     Worship
9:30-11:50          Rehearsals

10:00-11:00        Sponsor Debriefing
11:50-12:30        Lunch
12:30-5:00          Rehearsals, Gym Set Up
5:00-5:30            Supper
6:30                     Final Performance

Student playing Strings intrument


Band Clinician | Steven Green



Steven Green has a passion for music. He started piano lessons at the age of five and received a B.A. of Music from Brevard College in 2014. Over the course of his life, God has opened doors for him to share his talents and passion for music with others. He had the pleasure to teach the elementary and high school bands at Fletcher Academy for seven years. Since that time he has invested in teaching children private piano lessons. Currently he is the band director at Asheville Pisgah Christian School. He teaches 3rd and 4th grade band, as well as 5th - 8th grade advanced band. Music has shaped his life, given direction, and has been a blessing that he can give to others.

Majestica - Brian Balmages

Click Here to Listen

Salvation is Created - Tschesnokoff/Story

Click Here to Listen

Humble Heart - Ed Kiefer
Click Here to Listen

In the Court of the King - Randall Standridge

Click Here to Listen

Handbell Clinician | Shawn Betchley



Shawn Betchley has been combining a love of music ministry and teaching since her early teens when she served as both a church pianist and Kindergarten Sabbath School teacher. Since that time, she has taught in various elementary and early childhood settings, beginning piano, handbells and handchimes, and is currently the handbell director for the Arden Seventh-day Adventist Church. From 2013 - 2019, she directed the Fletcher Academy Handbell Choirs, Exaltation and Redemption, and served as the handbell clinician for the 2018 Georgia-Cumberland Conference Middle School Music Festival and for the 2020 Carolina Conference Music Festival. Mrs. Betchley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern College of Seventh-day Adventists and an MAEd from the University of Phoenix.

A Merry Heart - Cynthia Dobrinski

Click Here to Listen

This is My Father's World - Anna Laura Page

Click Here to Listen

Meditation on Beautiful Savior - Cathy Mokelbust
Click Here to Listen

King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Martha Lynn Thompson

Click Here to Listen

Joseph Choi Headshot (IN) 2005_edited.jpg



Music Coming Soon!

Bio Coming Soon!




With A Voice of Singing - Martin Shaw

Click Here to Listen

Children of the Heavenly Father

arr. Dan Forrest

Click Here to Listen

I Am His Child - Moses Hogan

Students will sing in unison.
Click Here to Listen

Dry Bones - arr. Mark Hayes

Students will sing the melody.

Click Here to Listen

Robert Foxx was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and graduated in 1965 from Mount Pisgah Academy. He went on to Southern Adventist University and earned a Bachelor of Music, Music Ed  in 1971. During the second semester of his senior year he directed the choral program at Georgia-Cumberland Academy. While there he accepted a position at Sheyenne River Academy in North Dakota. He has taught in various SDA schools in Missouri, Virginia, Ohio, Florida and Nebraska. While teaching at Sunnydale Academy and Platte Valley Academy he directed the elementary band and choir festivals.  He is married to Virginia (Ginger) Platt from Columbia, SC who he met at Pisgah. They have two sons-one living in Tennessee and the youngest in Florida. They presently reside in Vero Beach, Florida.

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