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COMMUNITY SERVICE: Students cheerfully participate in community service in the greater Asheville area four times a year. Service projects include preparing SonRise Kitchen for Sabbath breakfast, sorting clothes at the local thrift store, cleaning facilities at homeless shelters, and much more. By participating in regular community service, we are instilling in our students the desire to serve others. This desire sticks with them long after they graduate, resulting in service-minded individuals.

Students on Mission Trip
Student leading out in church on a Mission Trip

SCHOOL-WIDE MISSION TRIPS Every four years, mission trips are planned to provide opportunities for every student to participate in a mission trip. Trips occur locally, resulting in little to no cost, while other travel all the way to South America or Africa. Creating a mind of service within our students develops their skills and allows them to be leaders in their own mission field. Many graduates have gone on to participate in a year-long mission trip while in college and continue to seek out ways to serve in their community.

SHAREHIM MISSION TRIPS Each school year, Mount Pisgah Academy offers a ShareHim mission trip where students can travel to a new country to either preach the gospel or aid in the construction of a new church building. Following a mission trip, students return to campus forever changed, having a renewed relationship with God.  These trips occur over Spring Break and students are encouraged to raise money from friends and family to cover the expenses. 

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