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Mount Pisgah Academy Skyliner Newsletter - March 2024

Principal's Message

Dewald Coetzer

The 2024 Carolina Conference Music Festival was held on our campus last week and was a huge success. More than 320 Carolina Conference schools and homeschool students participated in the event. Our three clinicians, Steven Green (Symphony), Livia Liga (Choir), and Katherine Bowes (Bells), provided quality instruction to the students, which resulted in a superb performance to enter the Sabbath. We have already held our Music Fest debrief and plan to improve the experience for our students in 2025. We want to thank all the MPA staff members and students who stepped up to ensure a fantastic event and the sponsors from each school that ensured their students could participate. May God continue to be glorified and bless this tremendous event.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dewald Coetzer


Students Embark on Mission Trip to Cusco, Peru: A Journey of Faith & Exploration

Eleven of our students have embarked on a transformative mission trip to Cusco, Peru, where they are spreading the message of hope and building lasting relationships with the local community. This journey is not just about sharing sermons; it's a profound experience of faith, cultural exchange, and personal growth. The students have immersed themselves in the vibrant culture of Cusco, embracing the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Through their sermon series, they aim to uplift and inspire the community, sharing stories of hope.

As they engage in service, the students are also seizing the opportunity to explore the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of Peru. A highlight of their journey will be a visit to the iconic Machu Picchu, where they will witness firsthand the awe-inspiring wonders of ancient civilizations. This excursion promises to be a profound and unforgettable experience, deepening their appreciation for history and the marvels of the world.

As the students navigate this journey of faith and exploration, we invite everyone to join us in prayer for their safety and direction as they guide others spiritually. May their mission trip be filled with blessings, transformative experiences, and divine encounters that shape their lives and the lives of those they touch.


Exploring Pathways: Counseling Department Hosts Vibrant Career Fair

Mount Pisgah Academy hosted its first annual Career Fair on February 22, allowing students to explore a wide array of career opportunities. With 11 booths representing diverse fields including architecture, medicine, education, religion, and more the event provided an invaluable platform for students to engage with professionals and gain insights into various career paths.

The Career Fair was designed to offer students a comprehensive view of potential career trajectories and to help them make informed decisions about their future endeavors. Each booth was manned by experts in their respective fields who generously shared their knowledge and experiences with eager students.

One of the highlights of the event was the hands-on activities offered at some of the booths. For instance, students had the opportunity to learn how to take blood pressure measurements, gaining practical skills relevant to careers in the medical field. At another booth, they participated in activities related to occupational therapy, such as putting on socks using aids commonly used in the field. These interactive experiences made the learning process more engaging and gave students a glimpse into the practical aspects of various professions.

The Career Fair was open to the entire student body. Students were encouraged to visit each booth and engage with presenters by asking questions and seeking advice. The fair ended with a fire truck visit where students could look inside the truck, try on gear, and even hear the sirens.

MPA extends its heartfelt gratitude to the presenters who dedicated their time and expertise to make the Career Fair a success. Despite their busy work schedules, these professionals generously volunteered to share their knowledge and experiences with the next generation. Their passion for mentoring young minds and guiding them towards fulfilling careers is truly commendable and greatly appreciated.


Mother/Daughter Father/Son Weekend

Ariella Klaver, Class of 2027

Mother/Daughter weekend was such a fun experience for me. The girls' dorm speaker was a prior assistant dean, Dean Brianna (Bri) Kittleson. Her talks were very motivating and reminded me of how we go through difficult times, but God is always with us. Breakfast in the dorm on Sabbath morning was also quite fun and relaxing. Mothers got to not only enjoy time with their daughters, but also with other mothers and daughters as well, hearing or sharing stories of different times in their lives. Saturday afternoon my mom and I drove up to the Blue Ridge Mountains and got to see snow! We also saw some traditional artistry at the Folk Art Museum. Afterward, we took a ride to downtown Asheville and spent time together. I think that Mother/Daughter weekend is a good weekend for parents and their children to relax on campus and remember the importance of family.

Male students and their fathers also got to enjoy time together with their guest speaker, Pastor Tim Raymond. Special thanks to both speakers for taking time to visit our campus and share their experiences with our students.


Harmonious Bliss: A Recap of the Campus Music Festival

The archived recording of the concert, available on our YouTube page (click here), immortalizes the spectacular festival, serving as a testament to the transformative power of music and the unifying spirit of our campus community.



For more photos, visit our Facebook page: Mount Pisgah Academy Bulletin Board



Mount Pisgah Academy is excited to host their annual Academy Days from March 22-24, 2024. MPA invites you to take part in this three-day open house weekend. Whether you live in the Carolinas or across the United States, we would love to have you spend time with us meeting students, experiencing our campus, auditioning for scholarships, and so much more!

This free event is open to youth in 7th-11th grade. Free lodging, food, and a t-shirt are provided to all registrants and their registered sponsors. We cannot wait to have you join us!


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