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Mount Pisgah Academy Skyliner Newsletter - December 2023

Principal's Message

Dewald Coetzer

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we reflect on semester one at Mount Pisgah Academy, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the exceptional contributions of our staff, families, and students. In acknowledging the blessings bestowed upon us, we are particularly thankful for the collective effort that has propelled numerous campus projects. Fleetwood Park now radiates with new lighting and the library welcomes a new conference room, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration and learning.

Looking ahead, the new year holds exciting prospects as we prepare for a two-day strategic planning meeting. This collaborative effort aims to chart a clear course for Mount Pisgah Academy, outlining our direction and goals for the future.

Moreover, the second semester brings the addition of Ms. Bethany Johnson as our instructional coach. Her expertise will be instrumental in providing support and professional development for our teachers, aligning with our pursuit of becoming a High-Reliability School (HRS). Ms. Johnson will focus on level two of HRS, emphasizing effective teaching in every classroom.

As we embrace the festive season, I extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our cherished Mount Pisgah Academy community. May the coming year be filled with continued blessings and growth.

Thank you,

Dewald Coetzer


Week of Prayer Inspires Students

Any Zambrano, Class of 2026

During the short, fulfilling days of Week of Prayer, we were able to experience the love and power of God through Pastor Ron Sydney. He taught us the "I Am" statements that Jesus uses about Himself from the Bible every night. He knew what to say to get our attention and engaged us every step of the way. I remember asking one of my peers, "Were you crying?" She said, "Yes, he just preaches so well I couldn't help it."

Pastor Ron was able to bring Jesus into our lives through his humor as well. He carried the Holy Spirit into the room. On the first few days of Week of Prayer, we had the opportunity to have some of our students show off their musical abilities in worship. Starting Thursday, we had the privilege to have Engage Ministries from Southern Adventist University lead our worship.

Friday night, we had a student-led skit that taught us about God's love for us, even during hard times. Sabbath morning, instead of our usual Sabbath School groups, we had a question-and-answer panel with Pastor Ron and our counselor, Ms. Schleenbaker. With questions from our students, they gave us advice on our relationships, faith, and our spiritual journey. This Week of Prayer made an impact on many of our lives; the praise team filled the room with glory and praise, and Pastor Ron, led by the holy spirit, reached every single one of our hearts, every night. A special thank you to the staff who supervised, the students who made this possible, Pastor Mark, and Pastor Ron!


Captivating Spirit Week Sparks Creativity

Abby Ackerman, Director of Marketing

The week following Thanksgiving break, our Student Association orchestrated a captivating spirit week, infusing our campus with a burst of energy and creativity. Each day unfolded with unique dress prompts that inspired students to showcase their individuality.

Kicking off the festivities on Tuesday, Crazy Hair Day unleashed a wave of inventive styles, as students wielded hairspray, gel, ribbons, and various accessories to craft flamboyant and whimsical hairdos. Wednesday was designated as Twin Day, fostering camaraderie as students synchronized their outfits with friends, extending the match to even the minutiae of their hairstyles.

Thursday took an unexpected turn with "Anything But a Backpack Day," transforming our campus into a parade of unconventional carriers—suitcases, buckets, tote bags, and more. One student even enlisted her younger sister as a makeshift "backpack," adding a delightful touch of humor to the proceedings.

The grand finale on Friday saw a delightful role reversal, with students assuming the guise of staff, and staff, in turn, embracing the student aesthetic. The sight of educators sporting Crocs, sweatpants, and hoodies—a playful nod to the typical casual styles of students—elicited laughter and camaraderie throughout the campus. The students exhibited a keen eye for detail, mimicking subtle nuances in the staff's attire with a touch of good-natured humor.

The entire week proved to be a joyous spectacle, fostering an atmosphere of unity and laughter that transcended traditional student-staff boundaries. From crazy hairstyles to inventive backpack alternatives, the spirit week became a cherished chapter in our collective memory.


A Festive Boys' Club Banquet

Seth Wait, Class of 2024

This year, Boys' Club hosted a Polar Express-themed Christmas banquet. As a resident assistant in the dorm, I am an officer for Boys' Club. Because of my position, I was responsible for helping decorate and plan the banquet.

During our preparations, most of the members of Boys' Club were discouraged because we worried that the other students may not appreciate all our hard work. However, everyone seemed to have a great time. The decorations were simple but they successfully created a cozy and festive atmosphere. Everyone had a great time at the banquet, enjoying hot chocolate creations and delicious pasta, taking in a performance by the senior boys, and making memories with friends.



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Mount Pisgah Academy is proud to host the annual Carolina Conference Music Festival. During this special event, approximately two hundred young musicians from schools across the Carolinas will convene in a two-day music festival, ending with a special concert of choir, band, strings, and handbell music. The festival will be held February 29 - March 1, 2024, with the concert on Friday evening. Professional guest clinicians from various locations around the United States have been invited to lead the students in grades 5-12 in each of the 4 disciplines. Clinicians include Steven Green (band & strings), Katherine Bowes (handbells), and Livia Liga (choir).


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