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Thanks to our family and friends who have provided scholarships in memory of our beloved former students. Because of your generosity many current students are able to afford an Adventist education who may otherwise not be able to do so. 

Billie Scott Mission Scholarship
Billie Scott
Billie Scott arrived in Asheville, NC December of 1989. After becoming a North Carolina resident, she was involved with Asheville Pisgah Church School (APCS), where she had 3 children enrolled in APCS, and as they graduated and moved on to Mount Pisgah Academy (MPA), she was very involved with activities there. She was a nurse for 48 years and enjoyed ministering to people both stateside and on mission trips.
Billie’s love of travel and helping others was reflected in her 20 years of dedicated service to Buncombe County Department of Health, where she often worked in the Foreign Travel Dept. of immunizations. Billie started going on trips with MPA in 1994: these trips were just the beginning of her legacy. Billie’s first mission trip was in 1995 and she went to various places, including Mexico, Bermuda, Honduras, Fiji, and Kenya. She enjoyed working with students who share a passion for helping others while ministering about God.
On most mission trips Billie utilized her nursing skills, but she was there to be a part of the team. If there was anything she could do, you could always rely on Billie to volunteer. Billie had a true servant’s heart and was always willing to give her time to others.
This year this scholarship fund will be given to one or more students who will have demonstrated the desire to attend mission trips with the goal of sharing God’s love with those he or she encounters.
Class of 1978
1978 Scholarship.jpg
The Class of 1978 has ALWAYS shared a very special bond with one another. This close bond exists even today. It is because of the love we share together and for others, that we honor the memory and lives of our fellow classmates with an annual Memorial Scholarship Awards. We are committed to helping ensure that other young people have access to an excellent Christian educational experience at Mount Pisgah Academy.
Class of 1999
1999 Scholarship.jpg
The Class of 1999 Scholarship is awarded to a student who works hard to excel in school and earn good grades. This student should be someone in good standing and in financial need. The scholarship is designed for someone who enjoys volunteering and has an attitude of giving back to others and the community. It is for someone who shares their faith and exemplifies Christ in their daily activities, being a light to their peers. The main goal of this awardee is to know Christ and further his mission. This scholarship is in the amount of $5,000 and will be awarded during Alumni Weekend.
David Lincoln
David Lincoln
David Lincoln Jarrett was born on February 12, 1932, in a small cabin in Burke County, North Carolina. His family was extremely poor and David wore shirts made by his mother, overalls with patches on patches. When David was a young boy, his mother became a Seventh-day Adventist. David’s alcoholic father was very much against Flossie finding religion and did everything he could to keep the boys from joining the church.
During high school, David played football and was certain to get a scholarship to Duke University to play football. After receiving a knee injury his Senior year David’s mother convinced him to try Southern Missionary College. It was during that year at SMC that David began to believe in God. As a child, he had heard preachers talking about the devil with a pitchfork, but after reading Patriarchs and Prophets, he saw a more compassionate God. During Week of Prayer that spring he surrendered his life to Christ and was baptized.
The next year, David was drafted into the Korean War and it was during his time in the service that he decided to become a doctor. When he got out of the Army nearly two years later, he was able to use the GI Bill to complete his education at Southern. At the end of his Junior year, David married Darlyne Ballard and the summer before entering medical school, both David and Darlyne sold The Bible Story books to make enough for his first year’s tuition for Loma Linda University.
During his first year in med school, David learned that the North Carolina Medical Care Commission offered loans to anyone who would agree to do General Practice in a small North Carolina town. All David needed to do now was find two people to co-sign the loan with him. Finally someone suggested talking to Elder Pitton at the Carolina Conference, who put him in touch with two doctors from Salisbury. Without knowing much about him, Dr. Lumbard and Dr. Oliver signed his loan.
After practicing in Clyde, NC for five years, David went to Orange Memorial Hospital and specialized in Orthopaedic Surgery. He returned to Asheville, where he practiced Orthopaedics until he died, February 6, 1998. The David L. Jarrett Memorial Scholarship was established to help students with financial challenges afford an Adventist education. This scholarship is awarded each year to a Junior at MPA who has a strong desire to become a doctor.
George Grow
George Grow
George Grow Scholarship Mr. Grow received a B.A. in Chemistry from Andrews University and later received a M.Ed. in Biology from Western Carolina University. He and his wife Linda joined the staff of Mount Pisgah Academy in the fall of 1968. Since joining the staff of Mount Pisgah Academy Mr. Grow has touched the lives of more than 3,000 students. In 1996, one of these students who remembered and appreciated the character traits exhibited by Mr. Grow started The George Grow Award.
The Grow Award is unique in that each year the Senior class chooses the award recipient from a list of their fellow classmates. To qualify for the award, students must have attended Mount Pisgah for at least three and a half years and best exemplify the following characteristics:
1. A committed, practicing Christian
2. Dependable and reliable
3. Willing to help others in any way possible
4. Cheerful and even-tempered
5. A good student who is eager to learn
Greg Alan Hill
Greg Alan Hill
Greg Alan Hill was born in Greensboro, NC, December 1, 1971, son of Larry Hill and Stella Young.  He attended Tri-City Academy and then went on to Mount Pisgah Academy. Greg served as VP of SA during his junior and senior years. While at MPA, Greg worked with maintenance, doing the trash run and then later at Image Media.

Upon graduating from Mt. Pisgah, Greg got a position as an apprentice to Randy Louya, owner/operator of Louya Designs.  During his year as an apprentice, he became skilled in the art of drawing furniture and creating and compiling catalogues for furniture companies. Greg also worked for BILo, moving quickly from bag boy to Asst. Manager of the entire store. It was then he met Cindy Stanton, long story – short – Cindy and Greg were married several years later.

During his junior year at the College of Charleston, Greg was chosen by his professor to become the office manager for his company, QUANT Systems. He worked there on a part-time basis until he graduated with a BS in Business Administration. At this time, Greg became the full-time Office Manager, later becoming VP/CEO of the company. Greg remained in this position, as an advisory from his sick bed until the time of his death, February 3, 2009. Greg and his wife, Cindy, were active members of the SDA church in Charleston, SC until his illness prevented him from attending.

Due to Greg’s life experiences, he developed excellent work ethics, always giving his very best to the task at hand. The Worthy Student program was very important to Greg. He was dedicated to helping worthy students obtain a Christian education because of the importance it held in his own heart. Thus it is only fitting and proper that a scholarship be set up in his name for the worthy student showing the best work ethic.

Greg was diagnosed with pancreatic, liver and lymph node cancer at the age of 31 and survived the disease for 6 years. This was longer than anyone has ever survived the short-term life expectancy of pancreatic cancer. Greg’s wife, Cindy, was not only the love of his life, but a most wonderful caregiver for Greg and was there for him when he needed her the most. We thank God for the extended life He allowed Greg to live, which blessed his family and all who knew him. When asked what he would do with his life if he were given the chance to begin again, his answer was, “I want to spend what time I have left to teach people to be kind and to love each other – if I had my life to live over – this is what I would do.”

Greg has left a lasting impression in our hearts and has left his mark on the world. God knew him best and Greg was a true friend of God.
Heidi Jo
Heidi Jo Possinger
Heidi Jo Possinger, born on November 22, 1971 in Loma Linda, CA, was an answer to prayer for her two older brothers, who had prayed diligently for a little sister.  From the day Heidi arrived, her brothers appointed themselves as her protectors. After her family moved to North Carolina in 1984, Heidi attended Captain Gilmer Elementary School and Fletcher Academy. For her Junior and Senior year she attended Mount Pisgah Academy, where she touched the lives of everyone she met. After graduating from MPA Heidi attended Southern Adventist University.  During her three years there, Heidi traveled with the College Orchestra and added a new instrument to her repertoire – the organ.  She was also able to tour China with the New England Youth Ensemble.

Heidi had many talents and interests.  She avidly studied the viola and piano and accompanied her brothers often in musical performances.  Heidi competed with her horse in local shows and enjoyed performing in a variety of sports, especially track.  Heidi also worked in her father’s doctor office during the summer and other vacations, and she became proficient in any area she was needed.

It was during her third year as an accounting major at Southern that Heidi was diagnosed with Leukemia.  One of her friends from MPA immediately headed a bone marrow drive on the Southern campus to help find a donor for a bone marrow transplant.  A donor was finally found and Heidi flew to Seattle for the transplant.  The operation was successful but the Leukemia eventually returned. Heidi’s strong faith in God and positive attitude made things more bearable for her.  She knew if she placed her life in God’s hands, whatever happened to her would be okay.  And so Heidi Jo Possinger died in peace June 7, 1996 with the knowledge that God would give her a new life upon His return.

The Heidi Possinger Music Scholarship was started by members of the Class of 1990 in honor of their 10-year reunion.  This $500 scholarship is given annually to a student who is in good academic standing and especially talented in music.
Justin Hanna
Justin Hanna
The Justin Hanna Scholarship will go to a student at Mount Pisgah Academy that shares the same values and passions as Justin (nominated by the faculty and staff) from the Class of 2011 and will be presented at Alumni Weekend. Thank you for your contribution.

"Justin Emanuel Hanna, was born July 31, 1993. From the day of his inception, it was evident that he would leave his footprint in society. He was rather vivacious, with an unending zeal and zest for life. Most notably he was meticulous when it came to things of a physical nature. Physical excellence was the minimum. He enjoyed sports, gymnastics, and music. He loved to have fun. Justin's high school career was quite checkered and rather colorful, and most entertaining. It also echoed of a beautiful tale of the transformative power of God in the life of a young man. 

 As Justin began to mature, he began to look through heavens eyes in his interactions with others. While he wasn't perfect he had a heart for mission and a desire to help others. He had no respect of social or economic classifications, because to him people where just people. He believed every man deserved a voice, and that voice wasn't contingent on religious views, money, power, or entitlement. He staunchly believed it was a God given right. He demonstrated this belief in the way he lived. He was lover of clothes , but to him the clothes don't make the man.

 That's why he gave away his favorite jacket to a homeless person so he could keep warm, and also why he protested in Montgomery when Alabama sought to pass legislation that would separate illegal immigrants from their children. He had many aspirations, but his two great passions where people and being better than he was the day before. March 23, 2012 Justin was taken from us doing what it was he did best, and that was live life to his fullest potential each and everyday. 

 Ellen White states, "sanctification is the work of a lifetime". Justin exemplified this statement to the core."
Nathaniel David Age
Nathaniel David and Sara Eden
Nathaniel David and Sara Eden Age Scholarship Both carried a passion for the care and counseling of broken children to make them whole again. Nathaniel worked for ten years as a counselor and boys’ director at Nosoca Pines Ranch. While attending college with a history and Japanese major, he volunteered as a counselor at the YMCA. During the 2001-2002 school year, Nathaniel’s love for service and the Asian culture took him to Japan as a missionary. Nathaniel loved photography, art, acting, snowboarding, Asian languages and cultures and most of all, his friends and family who he never ceased to make time for.
Sara graduated from Mount Pisgah Academy in 1996. She worked for seven years teaching waterfront activities at Nosoca Pines Ranch. Sara, a Rhodes Scholar Nominee and member of Phi Beta Kappa, graduated summa cum laude with double majors in history and education from NCSU. She spent a year of study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Sara had accepted a position to teach 9th grade social studies at Athens High School in Raleigh. She loved music, songwriting, poetry, backpacking, waterskiing, and spending time with her siblings. Both Nathaniel and Sara enjoyed spending time with their family, friends, and the kids they devoted their life to.
On July 15, after returning from the last day of summer camp,Nathaniel, 27, and Sara, 24, lost their lives in a car accident. They are missed by their family, friends, and the many kids whose lives they touched.
As a small way of continuing their passion for helping young people, two scholarships in the amount of $1500 each have been established in memory of Nathaniel David Age and his sister Sara Eden Age (’96). These scholarships are awarded annually to two students in need of financial assistance who exemplify the characteristics of leadership and service to others that were so much a part of Nathaniel’s and Sara’s lives.
Robert and Mark Addison
Mark Addison
The Robert and Mark Addison Golden Rule Award Dr. Robert Addison 82 died peacefully surrounded with his family on March 6, 2016. He was a perfect example for his family and friends living the Golden Rule. Robert graduated from Mount Pisgah Academy in 1951.  He treasured his family and many friends he was blessed to have in his life.  He will be remembered for his love and many kindnesses to his family and friends. 


“There is an eloquence far more powerful than the eloquence of words in the quiet, consistent life of a pure, true Christian.  What a man/women is has more influence than what he or she says."


Robert Martin "Mark" Addison was born to Dr. Robert and Janyce Addison Feb. 22, 1968.  He was raised in a loving Christian home in Spartanburg, SC. Mark was a joy and delight to his parents, three older sisters, Angela, Susan and Bonnie. He attended church school at Eddlemon Memorial Adventist Church School.


He came to MPA in the fall of 1984 and instantly established himself as a leader.  Though an excellent scholar, he showed an amazing ability to bring people of different groups and ideas together in laughter. Whether leading out in talent shows, hosting banquets, or mischievously orchestrating practical jokes, he brightened the lives of fellow classmates and faculty. He graduated in 1987 as the president of his class.


Mark further developed these leadership skills while attending Southern Adventist University, from which he graduated with a degree in business in 1991. While there he distinguished himself with high grades and was a campus leader and extraordinary entertainer.  At Southern he made the acquaintance of Stephanie Rauch, whom he married in 2004.


He received his Juris Doctor degree from Wake Forest University School of Law, and practiced in Winston-Salem, NC and Chattanooga, TN. At the time of his untimely death he was First Vice President and Trust Advisor with Sun Trust Bank. He practiced always with precision, clarity and utmost honesty. Mark had recently been notified he was selected to present cases before the Supreme Court.


Tragically, Mark died unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack January 9, 2015.  In addition to his wife Stephanie (Rauch), he leaves a son Gavin, who was 6 years old at the time of his father's death.  Gavin will continue to learn of the positive contributions his father made over the years. 


Mark was known as one who bridged divides among diverse groups and brought them together - often with laughter. He lived "The Golden Rule".


The Robert and Mark Addison Golden Rule Award honors the senior students who demonstrate living the Golden Rule. The Addison family is happy to present this award each year to a male and a female senior student who exemplify Christ's dictum to "Do unto Others as You Would Have Them Do to You". Matthew 7:12

Sukari Hooley
Sukari Hooley
The Sukari Hooley Scholarship is a $500 scholarship awarded to a worthy junior or senior student at Mount Pisgah Academy who has shown exceptional effort in working at Pisgah Valley Manor/Villa to pay his/her own school bill.  The recipient of this scholarship is chosen by the school administration and the scholarship donor. 

The Wolcott Scholarship is in recognition for a life of exemplary service during 24 years of deanship and for one who has impacted thousands of young people’s lives through the modeling of Christ-like values and actions, the class of 1978 is honored to have established an annual scholarship in the name of Bill and Sharon Wolcott.


Thank You, "Dean" and Mrs. Wolcott for sharing a vision of God’s amazing grace with each one of us.

Wright Siblings
Wright Siblings
The Wright Sibling Scholarship is funded by the six Wright family siblings who have all attended Mount Pisgah Academy. While attending MPA, all six of the siblings maintained a strong work ethic and several of them held various leadership positions in the student body. Although they now work in various occupations, they all have the common tie of a strong work ethic while serving God and others. The siblings have discovered that there are unlimited opportunities in life if only you apply oneself and work hard.
The Wright siblings would like to offer a $600 scholarship to a rising junior or senior at MPA who demonstrates a strong work ethic, shows leadership qualities, has a heart for servant leadership among peers, and demonstrated Christ's attitude daily in class, work, and personal life.
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