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Mount Pisgah Academy Skyliner Newsletter - October 2023

Principal's Message

Dewald Coetzer

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week, I had the privilege of attending Preview Southern with our senior class of 2024. This event was attended by six other academies from across the Southern Union. I felt honored to be part of this moment of our students' lives where they face the reality of future decisions regarding their studies. Our students made me proud to be MPA and represented our school well in both conduct and engagement with the Southern University recruitment team members. On this trip, I again recognized the responsibility and desire of the MPA staff to provide our students with an academic experience that will allow them to pursue further education. At MPA, we want to do all we can to prepare our students for college or careers. Recent MAP testing is part of that process and informs all stakeholders by having precise measurements of student achievement, allowing teachers and others to monitor academic progress, and keeping everyone informed on the progress students are making. I encourage you to review the results with your child and discuss goals they want to set to improve their results on the next round of testing. Our students need us to engage in their studies and provide guidance and support. All our students can grow academically. How much they grow often depends on the support all of us provide.

Thank you,

Dewald Coetzer


Empowering the Community: Our School's Commitment to Community Service

Chantell Coetzer, Service Project Coordinator

Our commitment to community service not only fosters empathy, compassion, and civic responsibility among our students but also strengthens the bonds between our school and the community it serves.

Collaborations with Local Organizations

Our school has forged strong partnerships with local non-profit organizations and charities. These collaborations enable us to extend our reach and impact significantly. Students volunteer their time at shelters, food banks, and churches, where they provide support and resources to those in need. These experiences not only benefit the community but also serve as valuable learning opportunities for our students, helping them develop empathy, leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of social issues.

Impact and Outcomes

Students who engage in service activities often report increased self-esteem and a greater sense of fulfillment. They also develop valuable skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication, that will serve them well in the future.

Our commitment to community service not only benefits the neighborhoods and organizations we serve but also molds our students into compassionate, socially conscious individuals who will continue to make a positive impact on the world long after they leave our halls. Together, we are working towards a brighter future for our community, one act of service at a time.

  • ABCCM Food Bank: Students listening, praying, and ministering to the needs of community members.

  • Foster SDA Church: Students work hard at cleaning up the church.

  • Babies Need Bottoms (BNB): Transporting diapers and wrapping them- students packed enough diapers to serve 377 babies in need.


Unlocking the Past: Juniors Enjoy History Tour

Lucy Hall, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

I was pleased to be the girls' chaperone for this year’s Junior History trip. I’ve heard so much about this class event. Many graduates have said it was one of the best memories of their time at Mount Pisgah Academy. The students must write an essay about the trip with historical facts and many pictures. Bruce Bellchambers has organized this trip for over 38 years. He has been with a few other schools, too, but the knowledge and history he brings to this trip is undeniable.

We left at 4:45 a.m. on a Sunday. Our juniors had been anticipating this trip for a while, and although it was raining, everyone was on time!

Our first two-day stop was in Washington, DC. Before, after, and many times during our visits, Mr. Bellchambers would give us an overview of what we would be visiting. When we visited the Holocaust Museum, Mr. Bellchambers reminded them that this was a tough time in history and that many people visiting may have had family members who died. Even though I thought I knew the history of the Holocaust, this museum provides the reality of the magnitude of this horrific time. As we left the museum, Mr. Bellchambers reminded the students that no one is better than anyone, not based on their color, nationality, politics, or religion. We are all equal in God’s eyes, and He loves us all. I was proud of our students for respecting the victims and the other visitors.

The next stop was the Smithsonian Museum. We had 31 people, and as long as students stayed with at least two other people, they could select from the vast collections of museums within a few blocks. The students visited American History, the National Art Gallery, African American, Native American, Air, and Space Museums. After a quick supper, we headed to World War II, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, and Lincoln Memorials.

Our next day started at the Capitol and Supreme Court; whatever your political position, this is a beautiful facility rich with American history. We proceeded to the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the changing of the guards, and John F. Kennedy’s gravesite. Then, we loaded the bus and headed for Philadelphia. I enjoyed seeing our students learning about the United State’s process of democracy but also the joy and attitude of our teens.

Our first stop on Tuesday was Independence Hall; our tour guide was so descriptive I felt like I could visualize the Patriots as they debated and signed our Declaration of Independence and, later, the framework of our government, the United States Constitution. We moved on to see the Liberty Bell. We then visited the First Bank of the United States.

The next stop was Ellis Island - NYC. We had an audio tour with a vivid description of the conditions and process of immigration in the early 1900’s. Then, on to the Statue of Liberty. What a beautiful sight - we climbed to the top and took some breathtaking pictures of New York City. We had lunch in Battery Park, then on to Wall Street, Federal Hall, and the New York Stock Exchange. Visiting the 9/11 Memorial was a solemn occasion. I had to remember that this event is history for our juniors. They were born several years after 2001. Then, we returned to the bus to our last destination, Concord/Boston.

Minuteman National Park was our first stop. They had a fantastic movie that showed details of the movement of the British soldiers and Paul Revere's famous “The British are Coming “ event. It was well-organized, and the colonists were very effective. The British had no idea of the power and numbers of the colonists. Then, onto Lexington Green, where the opening shots were fired in 1775, starting the American Revolutionary War. We toured the Lexington Green, Old North Bridge, and the Freedom Trail.

Overall, it was an educational trip that allowed our juniors to get to know each other better with plenty of exercise! What a blessing.


Students Participated in Sabbath School Small Groups

Allyssa Jetter, Class of 2024

Being a Sabbath School leader gives students an incredible opportunity to grow in their leadership skills and spiritual life. The vision for Sabbath School is for it to be by students, and for students. All of our Bible study guides have been written by MPA students, particularly last year’s seniors and this year’s sophomores. I have attended Mount Pisgah Academy for three years, and I can see the beneficial change of smaller sabbath school groups.

Being a Sabbath School Leader, I get to listen to my peers' feelings and views about life and God from a whole different perspective. I think it’s interesting because I get to learn more about the people around me. - Any Zambrano '26

Smaller groups give students a chance to listen more and ask questions more in-depth.

Adrian Suicon loves being a Sabbath School Leader because he: “...gets to help people be more social.” Due to it being a smaller group, students are more comfortable debating opinions and dialoguing on Bible verses. Additionally, students are developing friendships with people they may not see during the week, helping peers learn more from the Bible, and consider the lessons more in depth.

God is doing exciting things at Mount Pisgah Academy, we’re blessed to be a part of His miracles.



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Mount Pisgah Academy is excited to host their annual Youth Conference in 2023. MPA invites you to take part in this two-day conference. Whether you are part of the Carolina Conference, or if you are just interested in personal spiritual revival, we would love for you to spend this time with us learning, worshiping, sharing, and thinking about your relationship with Jesus.

With music from Southern Adventist University's Engage Ministries team and sermons by Philip Baptiste, this is sure to be an amazing experience. This free event is open to youth in 7th-12th grade. Free lodging, food, and a t-shirt are provided to all registrants and their registered sponsors. We cannot wait to have you join us!


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