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An eight week parent-student study for your Seventh-day Adventist Rising Academy Student

MPA Family

Bond with your student, and provide guidance on important topics as they prepare to move from middle to high school. 

This helpful guide provides instructions on how to set up a weekly time to connect with your child and discuss topics such as:

  • Identity and Confidence

  • Relationships

  • Rest and the Sabbath

  • Clean Living

  • Independence and Responsibility

  • And More

Connection in a low-pressure environment 

Our activity suggestions provide opportunities for starting open conversations while engaging in bonding activities. 

Scripture and simple bullet points for each topic

Read the one-page guide for each week beforehand, and feel prepared to delve into each topic with our simple yet important conversation starters and points to cover.

Adventist values and preparation for your student's new life phase

The study is specifically written with Adventist middle school students in mind and covers important topics for entering high school and becoming more independent. Guidance on life decisions and hard situations start now, and this study can help you open a gateway to your student's heart as they prepare for the formative years ahead. 

Please ensure pop-ups are not blocked for our website. This will allow you to view the provided document.

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