Work Program

Because Mount Pisgah Academy believes that the ability to work and carry responsibility is as important as any other aspect of school life, the Mount Pisgah Academy Board has voted that all students must work a minimum of two hours each day. Many jobs will require more hours and the student is expected to work as assigned. To remain in compliance with state and federal labor regulations, job assignments and hour requirements will be monitored and adjusted as needed.

    There are numerous work opportunities available and every attempt will be made to place the student in the position of his/her choice. The work committee will distribute the labor force according to job availability and student financial need. All students are expected to earn at least .50 semester periods of work experience by fulfilling their assigned work program with a passing grade.
    Job assignments will depend on the student’s age, experience, and work availability. The work will be supervised by experienced instructors whose help will not only lend dignity to work, but will give the student an opportunity to become proficient in his/her work. All job changes and terminations must be arranged through the work coordinator and the work committee. Unauthorized termination of a job will jeopardize the work grade and work experience credit. If a student is fired from a job he/she will receive an unsatisfactory work grade and no work experience credit given for the period worked on the job from which they were fired. An effort will be made to place the student in another job. If the new job assignment is an on-campus job, the school bill must be kept current every month. A student that is terminated from a second job during the school year may be asked to withdraw from school.
    The meeting of work appointments is required, and absences and tardinesses will be dealt with as part of the overall student program. If a student is unable to fulfill their work appointment, they should make personal arrangements with their supervisor.

    All students will be issued a North Carolina work permit. A Federal I-9 form must be completed in accordance with state and federal laws. These forms are required before a student will be allowed to work. Social Security cards and Birth Certificates or Passports are required for all students and these should be presented no later than the day of registration. State and federal law requires that a student must be fourteen years of age before starting work at the academy.

    All student labor is evaluated on a regular basis with a standard grading instrument. This grade, reported through the office of the work supervisor to the registrar on a quarterly basis, becomes part of the regular grade reporting system and is recorded on the permanent student record. This grade is included in the computation of the student’s grade point average.

Dormitory                   Assistant Housekeeping
Food Service                        Music Department
Grounds/Gardens                  Office Personnel
Teacher’s Assistant                     Plant Services

    The basic rate of pay in the work experience program is determined by the school and represents only a part of the total benefits. Students will be paid at least minimum wage. Students who are given work must pledge to fulfill their work obligations through graduation weekend. Work appointments are provided for the purpose of defraying school expenses and for providing vocational experience and training. Students who work not only gain valuable experience, but also learn the value of education as it relates to both time and money. Work well done is a real means of character building and should be so regarded by the student worker.

    Students are required to complete work assignments through Sunday of graduation weekend. A student must check with his/her work supervisor before determining when he/she may leave for the summer.


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