General School Operations

    A school is as good as its students! Therefore, for a school to be great, its students must possess greatness of moral, spiritual, and physical stamina. There must also be a cooperative spirit between the staff of the school and the students. To be a partner in this cooperative endeavor, the students must be acquainted with the regulatory policies of the school and the type of society in which he/she must live.
    It is the duty of the students not only to observe all rules of good conduct themselves, but also to promote good conduct as well. A student’s enrollment is a contract to abide by the regulations and to have his/her conduct correspond to the spirit of the institution.

    The success of the school depends also in a large measure upon the good faith and whole-hearted cooperation between parents and the academy staff, especially in regard to regulations essential to large-group control but not to normal home management.
    Parents of our students are always welcome on campus. The Mount Pisgah Academy guest facility is available for overnight rental. (See Guest Facility section for information.) Visiting between the dormitory student and his/her parents is encouraged in the dormitory lounge only, in order that the privacy of students sharing rooms might be protected. If it is necessary to take luggage or other items to a student’s room, advance arrangements should be made with the dean to help avoid any embarrassing encounters.  Female visitors are only allowed to stay overnight in the Girls’ Dorm and male visitors are only allowed to stay overnight in the Boys’ Dorm and with prior permission only.  This includes parents and all other family members.
    Parents taking their children off campus at any time are requested to insist that each student make the prescribed arrangements beforehand with his/her respective dean and work supervisor. Visiting parents are required to refrain from allowing their children to drive on or off campus unaccompanied.
    Parents sometimes have questions concerning the school program of their child and inquiries are always welcome. Correspondence phone calls from the school will not necessarily mean serious problems have arisen, but may indicate a desire to counsel together before a student faces serious difficulty.

    Verbal or written regulations that are found necessary to include in the program during the school year are just as binding as those printed in the Mount Pisgah Academy bulletin. The staff and administration reserve the right to interpret and enforce the intended spirit of all school rules and policies.

    Experience has shown that a positive attitude toward the school and its program will provide the greatest personal benefits for the student. Regulations will be enforced, but the student is encouraged to ask questions of the appropriate staff member, providing it is done with respect and in good spirit. A continued negative attitude or disregard of school policies may result in discipline or possible dismissal.

    Any dormitory student desiring to keep any type of motor vehicle at the school must receive permission to do so from administration and the appropriate dean. This privilege is granted only to provide transportation to and from home for open weekends and homeleave and is not to be used for local excursions (i.e. food establishments, shopping mall or other stores, village student homes, etc.) unless permission has been obtained from the Administrative Council. All dorm students’ vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas by the respective dormitories. A student may not keep his/her car off campus at the home of a friend. Written permission must be obtained from the parent/guardian prior to taking any riders.  The only exception to this policy is granted to students who qualify to participate in Senior Driving Privileges.  Specific requirements and guidelines for this privilege can be obtained from administration. All student driving and passenger permission forms are found on the school website.
    Village students who drive their parents’ or their own automobile or motorcycle to campus must obtain permission from the principal’s office at registration each year. A copy of their driver’s license must also be presented and kept on file. Vehicles must be parked appropriately in the designated student parking area when the student arrives for school or work and are not to be driven anywhere else on campus unless granted specific permission. This includes other campus buildings, the field, or staff homes.  Dormitory students may never be in or on village student vehicles at any time. Village students are not to take dormitory students off campus in their vehicle at any time. Village students riding together must have written permission on file with the principal from the parents of both the driver and passenger(s) to ride back and forth to school.
    Off campus village students may leave campus for lunch between the hours of 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM only with a letter of permission from their parents to be kept on file in the office. Students are allowed to take with them only one other village student of the same gender providing that permission is on file from the parents of both students. Village students must sign out properly in the office each time they leave campus for lunch. Other than lunch time, vehicles are not to be driven off campus during the school day for any reason without permission from administration.
    The Administrative Council reserves the right to revoke temporarily or permanently a student’s driving privileges on the campus and, further, to disallow any student riders at any time.
    Other motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes, scooters, golf carts, etc. may not be brought to campus by students for use on campus.

    All bus/shuttle trips are under the direction of the sponsors and the driver and students are expected to cooperate with their instructions.  Mixed seating is not allowed at any time on all shuttles and coach buses.  If mixed seating is necessary in shuttles, those individuals must sit on the front row.

    Regular balanced vegetarian meals are provided in the cafeteria. The atmosphere in the dining room area is to a large degree determined by the neatness, decorum, and conversation of each student. Every effort will be made to encourage and maintain appropriate mealtime conduct in the dining room. All cafeteria charges are based on a flat rate. All dorm students will be required to pay the full flat rate for the cafeteria.
    No food or eating utensils (other than disposables) are to be taken out of the cafeteria with the exception of meals taken with permission.
    Additional fines may be imposed for breakage and/or cleaning caused by inappropriate behavior in accordance with the Damage to School Property procedure. Students exhibiting misbehavior or throwing food in the cafeteria will be banned from the cafeteria for a minimum of three days.
    Village students, visitors, parents, and family members will be expected to have a meal ticket when coming through the cafeteria line. No credit will be extended for meals without prior arrangements with the school treasurer and the cafeteria director or his/her designee.

    For the safety and well being of our students, the following guidelines have been established:
When students are outside of the dorms after dark, they should be in groups of two or more.
Helmets must be properly worn any time bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. are used. Failure to do so, may result in the impoundment of the device being ridden.
Bicycles may be used with the deans permission and must be parked in designated areas only. Skateboards, scooters, etc. are allowed to be used in designated areas only.

    Computers have become an indispensable part of modern life. In addition to the individual iPads provided to each student, our school offers at least 40 computers with Internet access for students to use, in the Administration building and in each dormitory. Mount Pisgah Academy encourages students to learn to use computers properly and responsibly, through Computer Literacy class, computer usage in most other classes, and through guidelines that govern what students are and are not allowed to do using those computers. The following are general guidelines for computer usage on campus:
Computers and the school’s computer network and Internet connection are primarily for the purpose of enhancing education. Entertainment uses of computers and the Internet are secondary and should never be allowed to interfere with the primary purpose. Accordingly, some necessary restrictions will be in place that will definitely hamper some students’ entertainment habits. For instance:
    School computers are not to be used for watching movies or TV shows.
    Computers are not to be used for secular purposes during the Sabbath hours. (Examples include playing games and doing homework.)
    Students should not allow computer games or any other potentially addictive computer activities (such as Facebook)  to interfere with their spiritual, academic, or social lives.
    Software piracy is a crime and is not condoned at Mount Pisgah Academy. The same is true for illegal music and movie downloads.
Students are not allowed to install software on school computers.

Students’ Personal Computers & iPads
    In addition to stated computer guidelines here in the school bulletin, students and parents must read and agree to all policies in the iPad Policies and Usage Agreement document.
    To encourage students to pursue good study habits and obtain adequate hours of sleep, only seniors are allowed to bring personal computers to campus. This senior privilege is subject to the following guidelines:
  • Seniors are not to let Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors use their personal computers.
  • Software not in harmony with Christian standards is not condoned and will be confiscated and not returned.
  • No student may use any computer to watch, engage in, or listen to, any of the following items prohibited by MPA rules, nor may such material be present on their computer or any storage media in their possession:
    • movies of any rating and in any format
    • unapproved computer games
    • music not in harmony with SDA Christian standards
    • any other objectionable material such as pornography or other suggestive images
  • Seniors will supply a password allowing full access to their computer, thus granting permission for the MPA Network Administrator and/or other MPA staff members to examine the computer as necessary.
  • A student’s personal computer may not be connected to the MPA network, nor the internet, in any way while it is on the MPA campus, except as allowed below.
  • If it is discovered that a student has violated any of the above requirements, the personal computer will be confiscated, and that student will lose this privilege, both for the remainder of the school year.                            
    The MPA Board, administration, and staff believe that the Internet is a vital tool in today’s society. Accordingly, an investment has been made in a high-speed connection between our campus network and the Internet.
    Unfortunately, along with the benefits, the Internet presents some elements that do not meet Christian standards. While certain measures have been taken to prevent access to inappropriate material, the staff of Mount Pisgah
Academy believe that students should be taught principles for responsible Internet usage. Our guiding principle will be the words of Paul: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8, NIV)
    Students browsing the Internet may be able to access sites that would not be acceptable according to this guideline. In order to be granted Internet access, a student must sign a document agreeing to abide by MPA standards, and the student’s parent (or guardian) must sign a document accepting the risk and responsibility.  If a student is found deliberately accessing or attempting to access inappropriate material in violation of the signed agreement, that student will lose Internet access (except for limited, “whitelist” access), and may additionally be disciplined by Administrative Council.

Network Accounts
    Any student at Mount Pisgah Academy may have his/her own network account (necessary to use any campus computer). Network accounts may be used for sending and receiving e-mail, accessing the Internet, and using other software applications such as word processing.
    One of the aspects of the modern world is the need for security. MPA students have the opportunity to learn to maintain the security of their network account and its password. A network account must never, under any circumstances, be shared with another student.
    A network account is a privilege which may be revoked if it is abused; examples of such abuse include sending inappropriate e-mail or Facebook messages, attempting to gain access to another user’s account, the use of proxies to circumvent Web filtering, and any other type of “hacking.”

    Mount Pisgah Academy, by action of the K-12 School Board, reserves the right to ask any student who is suspected of drug or alcohol use to submit to a blood, urine, or hair analysis test. If the student refuses to take the test, it would be probable cause for expulsion. If the test is negative the school will pay the bill. If the test is positive, the parent is responsible for the payment of the charges. Any student with a previous positive test result will be subject to random testing indefinitely.

    Monthly fire drills will be held in each dormitory and the administration building. All students are expected to exit the building in an orderly fashion and proceed at least fifty feet from the building, remaining there until the ”all-clear“ signal is given to return.  Interfering in any way with the fire drill process or tampering with fire safety equipment will result in a minimum of a $75 fine and a reparation cost and may result in additional disciplinary action.

    Food and drink are allowed only in designated areas unless approved by Administrative Council.  

    Upperclassmen are required to attend and participate in all graduation weekend activities unless otherwise announced.  During graduation weekend dormitory students are permitted to stay off campus with their parents only with administrative approval.  Scheduled work appointments are to be met throughout graduation week.
    Freshmen and Sophomores are expected to leave the campus immediately following final tests, unless work responsibilities require their presence.
    Specific guidelines for exam/graduation week are distributed annually.

    Reservations can be made by contacting the Administrative Assistant at (828) 667-2402 or by fax at (828) 667-0657.  Rooms will not be rented to anyone under 21 years of age.

The following information is required to complete a reservation:
Full name of guest
Number of rooms requested
If a handicap room is necessary
Dates requested (If it is a MAIN weekend, follow procedures listed below.)
Credit card number, expiration date, address and phone number.

Room Reservation Policy for MAIN Weekends
Only one room can be reserved per family. Additional rooms will be made available to families with existing reservations no more than 1 week before a major weekend.
Rooms may not be reserved more than one year in advance.
Main weekends include Alumni, Graduation, Parent Open House, Youth Rally, Academy Days, Christmas Concert, and Homeshow Weekends.

(Sexual, Racial, or Other)
    Students are urged to report any harassment or abuse - whether sexual, racial or otherwise, physical or verbal - to the principal, school counselor, dean or any teacher or staff member. Reporting a complaint will not affect the student’s status on campus, such as extracurricular activities, grades, work program or other school program status; it will not subject the student to retaliation or recrimination for reporting a complaint.
    Complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. The right to confidentiality will be respected, consistent with the school’s obligation to investigate allegations of misconduct and to take corrective discipline where misconduct has occurred.

    No keys fitting campus buildings or equipment may be duplicated by students. Duplication will result in immediate suspension or dismissal. All lost dorm keys must be reported immediately to the dean. All other lost keys must be reported immediately to the administrative secretary. There is a $20.00 charge for lost keys, $10 of which must be paid in cash by the student and $10 of which may be applied to the student’s school bill.

    The library and its staff are here to serve you. Loans of regular library books are for a two-week period of time from the date of check-out. Fines will be charged for any book, magazine, or other material that is overdue. Days for fines are actual school days and do not include holidays or weekends. Any student who has outstanding overdue books may be asked not to check out any more until these have been returned and the fine paid. No books or other materials are to leave the library unless they are checked out by the person on duty. A fine may be charged for removal of materials from the library without checking them out.
    Any book or other material is considered overdue if it is not returned to the library on the date due. Notices will be sent out to the students to notify them of any fines or overdue materials. Overdue slips will be put with the dorm mail for dorm students, and community students’ notices will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall and/or given out to them personally by a student assistant.
    Fines for overdue books are five cents per day. Fines for materials from the vertical file will be charged according to the value of the material. Students will be charged a small sum to cover the cost of any necessary repairs for minor damages done. If the damage is so extensive that the book is beyond repair, the student will then pay the necessary amount for the replacement of the book or material. Students will be charged the necessary amount to replace any book or material they may have lost. All library fees must be paid in full to receive an exam permit.
    All books on reserve are placed on a special shelf. Books on reserve are checked out for one hour/day, overnight (to be checked out within the last half hour of closing time at the end of the day), or for three days, depending on the request and the material.
    All overnight reserves must be returned to the library by 8:30 the following morning or fines will be charged.
    The library is for the purpose of studying and reading and for research purposes, not for social gatherings during the school day. Loud talking and noise making will not be allowed. The library computers are for homework and research. Computer games are not allowed on the library computers.

I. Devices
    Personal listening devices which are self-contained (with head phones) and without radio access are allowed only in dormitory rooms, on the track, in vehicles transporting students for home leave, and on organizational trips at the discretion of the sponsor.  Listening devices are not to be taken or listened to anywhere else on campus.  (Students are allowed to use listening devices on campus during extended breaks and during the summer).  Speakers of any kind (including computer speakers) will not be allowed and others should not be able to hear the music from headphones. Each person will be responsible for the safety and maintenance of their devices as well as compliance with this policy. Mount Pisgah Academy will not be responsible for the destruction or theft of any listening device or recordings.
    Students in violation of this policy will have their listening device confiscated for the following length of time:
    First Offense         One week    
    Second Offense    Two weeks
    Third Offense        Remainder of School Year

II. Music
    Acceptable music is that which is based on Christian values and standards. Any recordings with lyrics containing reference to hating God, authority, or the Bible, anything anti-Christian or against Biblical morals is prohibited. Students must supply lyrics upon request.

III. Enforcement
    Realizing that the above guidelines cannot be enforced completely, this privilege will operate largely by an honor system. Parents and students will be required to sign agreements. The policy and student cooperation with the policy will be reviewed periodically. The discipline process will be as follows:
    The first misuse of a listening device involving place used or inappropriate volume will result in a Progressive Discipline write-up entered at level one.
    The first misuse of a listening device involving unacceptable music will also result in a Progressive Discipline write-up entered at level one.

    If a student leaves campus without permission, efforts will be made to locate him/her. If he/she cannot be found, the parents and law enforcement will be notified and the school cannot then assume further responsibility for the student.

    The campus area between the tennis courts, the cafeteria, in front of the gym, and east of the road leading to the girls’ dormitory is designated for mixed association. This area is open with the first class in the morning and closes at supper. After this time, students must be in the dormitories or at the supervised activity unless specifically informed otherwise. Staff homes are off-campus and students must sign out and receive permission from a dean prior to visiting a staff home. Pisgah Manor and Pisgah Villa are also off-campus and off-limits to all students except as required by work. In addition, the maintenance building, APCS, the MPA Church and Community center area are considered unsupervised locations and students are allowed to be there with specific permission only.
    The campus closes at supper time Friday night and students must be in the dormitory areas until the evening service. The campus is open for socializing during the Sabbath as designated or when mixed activities are planned. These times are posted weekly.

Acrosports                      Hand bells/Band/Choir
A/V Media                       National Honor Society
Boys’/Girls’ Clubs                 Student Association
Creative Ministries              Student Newspaper
Drama                                                     Yearbook

Officer Eligibility
Candidates for any office must be approved by the administration on the basis of  GPA, citizenship, attendance, and other extracurricular participation. Candidates cannot  have an ‘F’ in attendance.
Students holding a major office (S.A. President, presidents of classes, Yearbook editor, and Skyliner editor) must meet and maintain the following requirements:
Have attended Mount Pisgah Academy for the preceding semester. (First semester freshmen will be excepted for class offices.)
Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
Hold no other major office.
Have at least a cumulative grade of ‘B’ in citizenship. Exceptions to stated policies will be with administrative approval only.
    Students holding an office who do not maintain a ‘C’ in citizenship (a suspension results in a ‘D’ grade), or who must drop a class due to violating the attendance policy during their term of office will lose their office. Office term begins at the time of election.
Students holding minor offices (all other elected or appointed student positions) must meet and maintain the following requirements:
    Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.
    Hold no major office.
    Have and maintain at least a cumulative grade of ‘C’ in citizenship.
    All major and minor office  holders must have a transcript on file with the academy.
    Students holding an office who do not maintain a ‘C’ in citizenship or who must drop a class due to violating the attendance policy during their term of office will lose their office.

Campaign Procedures
Obtain candidacy approval forms for Student Association from the office. The deans will provide forms for the Boys’ and Girls’ clubs. Obtain designated number of student signatures and sponsor approval.
Refrain from public advertising until eligibility approval has been received.

Athletic Membership Eligibility
    All students who are members in any interscholastic athletics must meet the following requirements:
Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.
Must not be on “restricted list”.
Other policies and regulations relating to interscholastic sports may be obtained from administration.

National Honor Society
    The National Honor Society (NHS) was established with the objectives to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of character in the nation’s secondary school student.
    Membership in the NHS is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. Chapters in more than 12,500 high schools across the nation strive to give practical meaning to the Society’s goals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
    These four ideals are considered as the basis for member selection. No student is inducted simply because of a high academic average. The National Honor Society strives to recognize the total student.
    Seniors will be considered for this organization if they meet the following criteria:
maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA
maintain a ‘B’ citizenship grade
remain involved in one of the following school-sponsored organizations: Acrosports, Creative Ministries, Drama, Band, Choir, Hand bells, Yearbook, Student Newspaper, AV Media, or as a Student Association officer.
participate in the service projects organized for NHS members
be a positive model in leadership and character to the MPA student body.
(Members may be revoked by Ad Council if viewed that values and principals of Mount Pisgah Academy are not adhered to.

    No student is excused from an organizational trip unless arrangements with the sponsor have been agreed upon in advance. Advance arrangements must always be made with the work supervisor. The student must travel with the group. Later returns must be approved by the dean. A student that is not part of the organization may not ride with the organization without Administrative Council and the organizational sponsor’s permission.
    In accordance with the attendance policy, students dropping below a C in attendance will be barred from touring with their organization until the grade has been raised to a B or above.

    Past experience has indicated that some young people in time of stress and emotional upset have made unwise use of drugs; therefore, we require that the deans be notified of all prescriptions necessary for the student and that these be given to the dean or administration for proper dispensing by the school nurse.

    When a student chooses to attend Mount Pisgah Academy, it is assumed that he/she has chosen to give proper respect and observance to the religious beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is required that dormitory students attend the campus religious services and worships. This requirement does not become a burden when the student keeps in mind the religious ideals of the church and school. Such attendance will prove to be a blessing and strength to each student who chooses God’s way. The playing of sports and other secular recreational activities is prohibited on Sabbath.  The sincere, conscientious person will remember to observe Sabbath with proper reverence and respect.

    An open weekend is defined as a weekend other than the regularly scheduled leaves or one not specifically closed by the school whereby a student may request to leave the campus. Leave slips should be obtained from the dean’s office and must be signed by the work supervisor, organizational sponsor, and the dean, and turned in to the dean’s office by 8:00 AM on Thursdays. For scheduled home leaves the proper form must be obtained from the dean. Once students return to campus, the leave is over. They are not to leave again without further permission from the dean.
    All students are expected to be back at school at the designated time unless delayed by illness, in which case the parent must notify the dean by telephone. All open weekend leaves terminate at 7:30 PM. on Sunday. All scheduled home leaves will terminate at 9:00 PM on the specified day. Any failure to meet these requirements without prior arrangement will result in discipline. Students will not be granted permission to go anywhere other than home unless the respective dean has a documentation from the parents granting such permission. A documented letter of invitation from the home to be visited must also be sent to the dean. Please make all dental and doctor appointments coincide with weekend and scheduled home leaves.
    Whenever a student arrives on campus, he/she comes under the general regulations of the school for the duration of his/her enrollment. Mount Pisgah Academy reserves the right to hold all students accountable for their actions during scheduled or open weekend leaves.
    Only students assigned to work during homeleaves are allowed to stay in the dormitories, unless otherwise approved by Administrative Council. Students should otherwise leave campus for the duration of the breaks as outlined in the school calendar. Housing and food during homeleaves are not included in tuition and boarding fees.

    The formation of true Christian friendships is an important part of Christian education. It is planned that a responsible adult will attend all mixed activities, both social and religious. We do believe that social relationships are important and that there is no better place than a Christian campus for developing friends. Experience has shown, however, that these friendships should have certain defined limits; therefore, Mount Pisgah Academy maintains a “hands-off” policy between members of the opposite sex which includes hand-holding, massaging, wrestling and other physical contact. The staff reserves the right to counsel or discipline individuals whose social program reflects improper conduct or irresponsible behavior.          
    The staff may place a couple on social restriction from one week to several months if the “hands off” policy is disregarded, if they are in an unsupervised area without permission, or if it is seen that the relationship is not conducive to their total school program. The couple may not communicate with one another in any form, verbal or written, during the restriction time.

    There are certain cultural values to be gained by attending banquets and other formal occasions. All students are expected to attend these designated activities. Dating is not a requirement, but is permissible.
    Association between the sexes must be from within the current student body. Provision is not made for non-student participation.

Dormitory Conduct
    The dormitory areas are off limits to the opposite sex, except as otherwise announced. No students are allowed in the dormitory of the opposite sex without permission. Violators will be suspended with probable dismissal.

    Engagements are discouraged during the school year. A student who is married during the school year may be asked to withdraw.

Pregnancy Policy
    Realizing that Mount Pisgah Academy is not equipped to handle the social, physical, and emotional demands that accompany pregnancy, Mount Pisgah Academy will not accept applicants who are pregnant and will request that the student withdraw if she becomes pregnant during the school year. In addition, further discipline may be applicable if inappropriate sexual behavior is determined with students enrolled at the Academy.

    The faculty shall choose a senior(s) who demonstrates the principles of Mount Pisgah Academy by showing concern for spiritual matters, faithfulness in work and class attendance, positive attitude toward school objectives, the principles for better living, and the respect of his/her peers. This presentation will be made at graduation.

    Each dormitory has several courtesy phones for dorm students to use. These phones may be used for receiving calls, or making on-campus, local, or long-distance calls. Long distance calls must be either collect, toll-free, or charged on a credit card. Unauthorized use of another person’s phone card or number or a school long distance code is illegal and will be cause for discipline.

Cell Phone Policy
    Dorm students are allowed only one cell phone and it must be registered with the deans at the beginning of the year.  Students found to be using a “decoy” or second phone will be subject to suspension.  Students are not allowed to have a cell phone visible or audible in any way while inside the administration building, in any class, during religious services, or while working.  Students in violation of this policy will be written up and have their cell phone confiscated for the following length of time:

    First offense              One week
    Second offense         Two weeks
    Third offense             Remainder of school year
    Cell phones must not be used in the dorms after 10:15 PM for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, and not used after 11:00 PM for seniors.  Phones will be collected each night (Sunday thru Thursday) at 10:15 PM and will be available again at 6:30 AM.

    Mount Pisgah Academy has a long-standing tradition to focus on it’s academic program, student work-program, and the intramural sports program. The traditional interscholastic varsity sports program has not been implemented at the school. As an alternative, the Academy has supported the concept of a modified varsity program whenever possible. This program has included organized games with local private and Christian schools, and other Adventist Academies. Guidelines and policies for this program are available upon request from the principal’s office.

    Village students should be on campus to meet all class and work appointments. They are welcome and encouraged to attend all scheduled activities but are requested to leave campus as soon as the activity is over. Village students’ cars must remain in their designated parking spots while on campus. Village students may spend a night in the dorm with permission from the respective dean and parents.  Students will be charged $5 per night.

    Visiting friends are expected to comply with all campus regulations. Deviations may result in excluding friendship privileges. Upon arrival on campus visitors must check in with an administrator in the office or the respective dean of the person being visited. While on campus, each visitor has the privilege of being a member of the school family and as such will willingly cooperate in the support of all standards of conduct and dress. No visitors are permitted in the dormitory except by permission of the respective dean or his/her designated assistant. Dormitory residents are asked to arrange with the dean before sharing their rooms with overnight guests. It is requested that visiting students and friends do not come to the campus during the school day.

    Guns, martial arts weapons of any kind, fireworks, firecrackers, knives, B.B. or pellet guns, paint-ball guns, cap guns, etc., are not permitted on the school grounds. Items will be confiscated permanently, fines may be imposed (beginning at $25.00), and authorities may be notified.  Possession of such items may result in suspension or expulsion.


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