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A word was secretly brought to me, my ears caught a whisper of it. Job 4:12

I was crushed. Disheartened, sensitive, and seeking time alone. I do not even specifically remember why. I was this way right then, but that month was a considerably challenging one in my life. After a day’s near entirety, I approached the door to my dorm room, reaching for the keys as I always did. I thought to myself about whatever it was that I had to think about, and kept myself in check so as not to outwardly express the uneasiness in my heart. Only, I did not go unnoticed. “Reid,” an upperclassman was walking towards his door, too. Who knows what he was thinking about just before he saw me? What kind of a day, or even month, was he having? I looked up at a reassuring, sincere face, and these words followed, “You’re a good man.” Whether he was fine or he himself was struggling, either way explains his choice of words to me then. Yet somehow, these were just the words I needed right then. They were an answer to my prayers and induced calm; they helped me realize who I was when I had forgotten: not that I am perfectly good and flawless, but that I am acceptable in the eyes of God and that my cause is not overlooked, according to His love. Whereas God appointed the prophet Nathan to point out David’s character flaw so as to lead him to repentance, my classmate, Nathan, reassured me of the value I possess in the eyes of God to end up increasing my faith. I am very thankful in reflection of the impact this had on me. What is astonishing is that Nathan had no idea how I was at that moment. I had asked him about this some time later, and he told me that he just randomly said it. No forethought, the words just rolled off his tongue. Who appointed him?

By: Reid Palmer ('22)

Statesville, North Carolina

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