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“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

One summer, my family and I went to Ohio to see my grandparents at the farm they owned. It had two houses on the property, my grandparents’ house and on the other side was the farmhouse or my great grandma’s house. They had an old car to drive from house to house, on the farm, that did not have to go on the roads. The little car was having trouble mechanically at the time, so my grandpa had told my aunt, who was about 15 at the time, to not drive the car because it had issues he was trying to fix. We were at the farmhouse when we decided to drive the car over to my grandparents’ house, even though it had problems. As we were coming up the driveway of my grandparents’ house, the car started smoking and caught on fire. My aunt told me to get out of the car and to run to the house to get my grandpa. My grandpa came out of the house with two little fire extinguishers to try and put the fire out. Obviously, two little fire extinguishers were not going to do anything with that huge fire. So, the car burned and got scorched completely, an unfixable type of damage. This reminds me, that in life we will do things knowing that they are not what we should do. We may know it is something we should not do, but then still give into temptation. Certain things, we may choose to do, knowing it is not what we should do, which can lead to an unfixable situation. We will have to serve the consequences, knowing we can not fix it. Therefore, it is important to lean on God to help us resist temptation because He will help us.

By: Jacob Garland ('23)

Candler, North Carolina

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