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Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

This is a story that I heard from my pastor, Pastor Paul. When he was a little boy, he lived next to a beach. Because of this, he went swimming in the ocean often. His mother often warned him of going out too far, since he could get caught in a current; therefore, he was very careful most of the time. One day though, he was chasing a fish, and he accidentally went out too far. The current beneath him swept his feet from underneath him and sucked him under. He was under for what seemed like eternity.He was only able to come up for a single breath, in which he yelled for help. While underneath the water he prayed for help. All of a sudden he felt strong hands grasp him. He was picked up and thrown out of the deep into shallower water. He gasped for air, and turned to thank the man who had saved him, but there was no such man. He went and told his mother when it happened and she said an angel had saved him. He thanked God for saving his life, and was more careful the next time he went swimming. When we are in the depths of the ocean, and we feel like we are drowning in the troubles of our life, we need to remember we can always cry out for help. You can always lean on God, and he will help you through the troubles you are going through. Always remember God cares about every detail of your life, and even when you feel like He is not there, He is right there with you, ready to help you when you ask Him. You cannot do it alone, you have to have God by your side. So remember the next time you are drowning in troubles, or drowning in real life, that you can always call on God, and He will be right there with you.

By: Jesse Stein ('22)

Charlotte, North Carolina

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