Notes for Choir Festival Music
Prayer of the Norwegian Child

Two parts (SA)

We will perform this piece as written. If you have boys whose voices have changed, they will not sing on this one at the festival.


Alleluia, Praise!


Three parts (SAB or 3 equal voices)

If you have boys whose voices have changed, have them sing part 3 an octave lower than written. Everyone can sing together to learn the song to begin with–it is a round except for the last three measures.


Get on Board, Little Children

Two parts

If you have boys whose voices have changed, they may sing either Part I or Part II an octave lower.


How Deep the Father’s Love For Us


This piece may be performed in unison if you do not have tenors and basses and you would like to sing this in your home church/school. You will be able to pick out where the melody is quite easily throughout the piece (in the bass clef at measure 34; in the alto at measure 49; in the bass part at measure 51) The only section with some challenge for a unison choir is the last page. I would suggest taking the alto notes in measures 83 & 84, pick up the melody from the tenor note in measure 85 and return to the alto or the second soprano notes. End the last “in the cross” with the second soprano notes at measure 89. We will be performing this piece with the academy choir in the SATB arrangement. There are arrangements for SAB and SSA is you wish to look into them for your own performances.


O Worship the King


This piece, also, may be performed in unison, singing the traditional hymn melody throughout. As it is written, the melody is in the tenor part at measure 30, moving to the alto part at measure 38, ending with two notes in the tenor at measure 42. On the last page, the soprano and alto parts could be sung or choose one or the other. We will be singing the SATB version with the academy choir. You may learn/practice whatever parts you have and wish to learn.


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