Algebra I
    This course is designed to teach students to properly apply the math concepts for problem solving and develop an understanding of the relationship between algebra problems and real-life situations. The concepts covered will provide the student with an algebraic background that will prepare the student for advanced math and science classes.

Algebra II
    The course takes an in-depth look at polynomials, functions, complex numbers, quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometry.
Prerequisite: Grades of ‘C’ or higher in both Algebra I and Geometry; Purchase of graphing calculator.

    This course covers traditional plane geometry, with an emphasis on logic, theorems and proofs. Introductory trigonometry and constructions are included.
Prerequisite: Algebra I

    In addition to teaching fundamental concepts of statistics this introductory statistics course fosters student growth in the areas of - Critical thinking, technology usage, working cooperatively in groups, and the use of real data.





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