English I
    This course includes a study of literature by genre, including the short story, the novel, poetry, the epic, and drama; a review of grammar and usage skills; and vocabulary development.


English II
    In this intermediate course students gain exposure to many cultures and to literature from around the world. Throughout the year we will also spend time on research and writing skills, reading dynamic skills, grammar and usage skills, and vocabulary development.


English III
    This course includes a chronological approach (with historical relevance) to American literature spanning from Native American literature through modern American works. Genres include poetry, plays, short stories, essays, novels, and film. This course also includes mini-units in speech, vocabulary development, and essay writing. Throughout this course students will also have creative presentation and writing opportunities.


English IV
    This course includes a chronological and historical approach to British literature from its beginnings through the Victorian age.  Genres include poetry, plays, short stories, essays, novels, and film. Throughout the course students will continue vocabulary development and learn real-world writing skills. Students will also polish their essay skills and will learn thorough MLA style research writing.


College Composition 101
    This basic college course (a prerequisite for Comp 102) focuses strongly on the writing process, especially revision. The course will emphasize specific writing skills and principles which readily apply to most writing tasks. Students write expository essays organized according to prescribed modes. Upon successful completion of this course the student will receive three credit hours from Southern Adventist University. In addition, the student will have fulfilled the high school English requirements.
Prerequisite: A GPA of at least 3.0, ACT English score of at least 19 or SAT English score of at least 450, or TOEFL score of at least 79 (writing portion of these exams is competitive), expository writing sample, teacher interview, and a motivated personality.


Compostition 101



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