by: Emma Boughman '22

Before I even started attending Mount Pisgah Academy, I knew it like the back of
my hand, because my cousins had both attended MPA since I was eight. Knowing the campus and the people is great, especially if you’re going to attend, but actually being enrolled into Mount Pisgah Academy is a whole different story.

I was introduced to MPA at my kindergarten graduation, when a sponsor spoke
to us about how great the school was, and had given us t-shirts. Ever since then, I couldn't wait to graduate elementary and middle school, so I could go there. So, on August 15, 2018, my family and I drove up to MPA to get me registered and moved onto the campus. We got up there as soon as possible, so that once I was registered, I could start moving into the dorm. Registration went smoothly, and I already recognized almost everyone, but even the people I didn’t know smiled friendly at me, making me feel  comfortable and welcome. Once that was over, I was greeted at the girl’s dorm by the Deans and RA’s. They even helped me move all my stuff into the dorm room! The Deans both instantly treated me like family, and the RA’s weren’t just my peers, they were my sisters and counselors. 


Unfortunately, once moved in, the time had come to say goodbye to my parents. But, with the busy, lively environment, and so many people around me, it was hard to become homesick. Once events and classes started to begin, MPA had a whole new feel than just visiting the campus as a guest. It was and is alive, and you can feel Jesus within it. In almost every class there is worship to start, and God is a constant topic within most of the lessons. The classes give a minimum amount of homework without being too stressful, and personal IPads give us resources, such as the Bible or dictionary apps, and help for homework or classes when needed. Prayer and worship are held in the dorms every night, and church, Sabbath school, vespers, and community service days are held on the weekends. Even through work and meals, God is there. The meals served at the cafeteria give students a Bible-based diet, while also being super tasty. Working helps pay off our school tuition, and we also become equipped with leadership abilities through hard work. 


Christ-like acts are also within intramurals and extracurricular activities. Mount Pisgah Academy has a variety of sports to choose from, with something for everyone. In each, students are taught to play with good sportsmanship, and to encourage each other even when they’re not victorious. MPA also supplies a large amount of additional classes, such as Drama, Creative Ministries, Acro, bells, choir, art, ect. Within each group songs, stories, pictures, or displays of Christ are shown in weekly practices and performances. 


What has probably surprised me the most about MPA, is that within about two weeks of arriving, my Freshman class became super tight. We got to know each other extremely quickly because of team school events, and the amazing thing, is that even when we didn’t win or succeed at something, that never burdened us. It only made us stronger as a class. 


Mount Pisgah Academy was definitely a surprise to me, and continues to be one. There is so much of God shown around the campus. In Bible or other classes, questions or ideas about God make me stop and think for a moment. Because of this school, I have already become closer to Christ. I think it would be quite hard for someone who doesn't believe in Christ, to not be constantly thinking about Christ while attending Mount Pisgah Academy. I can proudly say that Jesus does live at MPA.



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