Dress Code


We do not believe that there is necessarily a question of right or wrong involved with some of the different styles of dress and personal appearance. We do believe, however, that when one is connected with an organization such as ours, he/she takes it upon himself, the responsibility of presenting an accurate picture of that organization to all who observe. We expect our students to dress in a modest, orderly fashion and to take Christian ideals as their guide in dress.  


  • Clothing should fit properly - no tight, baggy or oversized pants/skirts will be allowed.  Clothing should cover all undergarments, for both boys and girls.

  • Clothing should not have slogans or symbols that are offensive or suggestive of a lifestyle out of harmony with Christian principles.

  • Appropriate attire will not include pajama style clothing or clothes that have frayed cuffs, holes, ripped, or have sewn-on patches.

  • Hats are not permitted in the ad building, classrooms, auditorium, and in all worship programs.

  • Appropriate, clean and neat footwear is required at all times when students are out of the dorm.

  • Hair must be neat and well-groomed, of a natural color, and not extreme in style.

  • All types of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, including ornamental key chains, etc. . . are not to be worn.  (Such items will be permanently confiscated and not returned.)

  • Body carving, displayed tattoos, inking, or body piercing is inappropriate at any time a student is enrolled at Mount Pisgah Academy.

  • The administration and staff reserve the right to interpret matters regarding all dress code. Students and parents are expected to respect and support dress code enforcement.

Boys’ Dress
We expect our young men to dress in an orderly and sensible fashion and to take Christian ideals as their guide in dress.  They  should combine modesty, simplicity, and neatness.  They should always seek to look their best.

  • Shirts are to be worn at all times when out of the dorm.  Tank tops are not acceptable.

  • Hair should not hang in the eyes and it may not extend below the top of the collar. Length of hair is not to be shortened to meet this policy by braids, pony tail, pinning hair up, etc.   When it becomes necessary for a dean or principal to speak with a student about his hair, he will be given a date by which it must be cut before re-admittance to class.

Girls’ Dress
The girls of Mount Pisgah Academy are to be guided by the Christian principles of simplicity and modesty in their dress and should always look neat and clean.

  • Clothing should not be tight or form-fitting and sheer materials are to be avoided.  Appropriate undergarments should be worn to maintain modesty and should not be exposed.

  • All dresses and skirts must be to the top of the knee, even if leggings or tights are worn underneath, and slits or openings in skirts or dresses should be modest.

  • Blouses and tops must be of sufficient length to cover the top button of pants or skirts when arms are raised.  Girls should make sure that their sleeves, armholes and necklines are modest in cut and should be no lower than the parallel line from the top of both armpits, front and back.  Modest sleeveless tops may be worn and should have at least a 2" width on the shoulders.

  • Cosmetics for the purpose of cleanliness are to be encouraged.  However, those cosmetics which detract from the natural appearance and attractiveness of the individual are not to be used. Cosmetics such as lipstick, eye make up, and nail polishes, should enhance the natural beauty and not be extreme or excessive.

  • Only modest swim suits are to be worn and must be approved by the dean.  Two piece tankini style suits may be worn only if the top is of sufficient length to cover the midriff area and meet the top edge of the swim suit bottom when arms are raised.  Bikini or bare midriff style suits are not allowed, even if covered by a T-shirt.

  • All banquet attire must adhere to the above modesty guidelines including neckline and length.  The exception is that banquet dresses may have a halter or spaghetti strap style.  All young ladies must have all banquet dresses approved by the dress committee - No exceptions to this policy accepted

School Dress Code
Mount Pisgah Academy has established the following prescribed dress to be worn during designated times.

  • School uniforms are to be worn during class and whenever one is in the ad building, which includes the library and computer lab or Waller Hall classrooms. The uniform is also required for designated field trips and outings.  If a student attends class out of uniform, he/she will be written up and asked to return to his/her dorm room (or office if village student) to change and will not be allowed back to class until properly attired.  Students will have no more than 15 minutes to return to class.

  • Specific dress for weekend programming will be written on the weekend schedule or announced in the dorms.  Students attending school programs will also be asked to change if their clothing is not appropriate.

  • Jobs requiring school uniforms to be worn include all office jobs, readers, and  manor/villa workers.  Jobs not requiring school uniforms include  dorm, cafeteria, and maintenance workers.

School Uniform

  • Shirts:  Students must wear only the required shirt with the MPA school logo purchased through the school’s uniform company (order here).  No shirts can be worn over the uniform shirt.  Shirts must be buttoned, with no more than the top two buttons undone.

  • Pants/Shorts:  Students are required to wear tan khaki or dark navy blue pants/shorts available through the school’s uniform company (Read’s  Uniforms). Shorts must be of knee length. If purchased elsewhere, pants must be the exact same brand, color, style, fit, and appearance of Read’s uniforms.

  • Skirts:  Girls must wear only the required skirts purchased through the school’s uniform company.  Skirts must be to the knee.

  • Jackets:  Any jackets worn by students in the classroom must have full-button or full-zip fronts so that the uniform may be seen underneath.  Hoodies will not be permitted as part of the school uniform unless it has a full zip front.  This includes all MPA hoodies.

Casual Wear (CW)

  • Jeans or shorts such as Bermuda/board shorts, are allowed.  Girls shorts are to be no shorter than mid-thigh.

  • T-shirts and casual shirts (NO spaghetti straps or tank tops)

Vespers Attire (VA)

  • Full button down dress shirt (no polos)

  • Dress pants - no jeans or cargo pants

  • Casual or dress shoes and socks - no athletic wear

  • Ties or suit jackets are optional


  • Dresses, skirts, or dress pants and blouses

  • No school uniform pants

  • Dress shoes or sandals

Sabbath School/Church (CH)

  • Full button down dress shirt and tie (secular-themed ties are not to be worn)

  • Dress pants

  • Dress shoes and socks, no athletic shoes or sandals

  • Suit jackets are optional


  • Dresses or skirt and blouse.  Dresses and skirts are to be to the knee in length.

  • No pants are allowed

  • Dress shoes or sandals


To our community students:  We expect village students to follow the school dress code when attending any school sponsored activity, whether it is on or off campus, i.e. vespers, church, organizational trips, Saturday night activities, etc. . . Please see the “This Week at MPA” for required dress for planned activities.





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