Dormitory Life

The academy operates and maintains dormitories for the students. All students whose parents or relatives do not reside near the school are required to reside in the dormitories. Any deviation from this policy must come before Ad Council for consideration. Village students are required to sign in with the dean if visiting during study hall.

    Students should always conduct themselves in an orderly, respectful manner. They should never enter another student’s room without knocking and then waiting to be asked to come in. Running and shouting in the hallways or in any way disturbing the quietness of others is not in good taste.  In respect of others, students should not ask to borrow their clothes. Detailed dormitory policies are printed in the respective dorm handbooks.  Students should not be in or near the dormitory of the opposite sex without specific permission from the dean on duty or serious discipline will result.

    Mail is delivered to the dormitory by early evening on Monday through Friday. In the business office, postage may be purchased and letters mailed.

    For security purposes, the dormitories are equipped with alarmed exterior doors and security cameras.  Tampering with security and/or safety equipment in the dormitories warrants severe disciplinary action. Tampering with or causing the sprinkler system to engage will bring probable cause for dismissal. A fine of $1000 plus damage costs will also be assessed.
    Dorm room keys are available through the deans. The school is not responsible for money or for other valuables left in the dormitory rooms. There is a $20.00 charge for lost keys, $10 of which must be paid in cash by the student and $10 of which may be applied to the students bill.

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain proper permission to leave the dorm or campus. If leaving with his/her own parent or with a staff member, the student must sign out in the dorm. To leave with anyone else, or to visit a staff member’s home, the student must obtain proper permission personally from the dean. Because the school takes the safety of all students seriously, leaving campus without permission or leaving the dorm after hours is a serious infraction which usually results in a suspension and/or expulsion.

    The dormitory lobby is a public place and the student must always be modestly dressed before coming down to answer a phone call, visit, etc.

    All rooms are designed for double occupancy. If a student feels he/she cannot live with his/her assigned roommate and can find someone who seems to be more compatible, he/she may make arrangements with the dean to move. Changing rooms does not void responsibility for damages incurred to the room. There is an additional monthly charge for a single room and is only an option if space is available.

    If a student is too ill to meet class and work appointments, he/she is to report to the nurse. The nurse will determine if medical assistance is necessary. Being on sick list automatically room binds the student (except for bathroom privileges) until released by a nurse or dean. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to schedule non-emergency doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc. appointments over breaks and school vacations. The nurse and deans cannot take responsibility for these appointments or transportation needs. Emergency doctor appointments should only be made in counsel with the school nurse. School transportation will not be provided for doctor appointments, or other appointments unless arrangements are made with the school nurse.  Meals for students on sick list are provided in the dorms.
    When a student is ill and needs to be home, this is arranged through the nurse and the dean. Students may go only to their parent’s home—never to the home of a friend when ill.

    The student is responsible for the furnishings, the care, and the condition of the room. No nails or other objects should be driven in the walls or doors.
    The room deposit is held in trust to care for any damage or breakage in the room and will be credited to the student’s account upon his/her completion of the school year or his/her termination, if the dean approves. If damage exceeds the room deposit, additional charges will apply. The administration reserves the right to search a student’s room, book bags, lockers, luggage, or other personal property with or without his/her knowledge or permission.
    Posters and pictures with poster putty (not tape or glue) may be hung to help beautify the room. However, these should be few (no solid walls, doors or window panels of magazine pictures) and uplifting. ALL posters must pass the dean’s approval. (See Dorm Handbook)
    Any alcoholic beverage containers or illegal substance containers have no place at Mount Pisgah Academy. Please do not use these types of bottles for decorations. They will be confiscated.
    If a student has a foot locker, it must be available for the dean’s inspection at any time.  Dormitory room colors must remain as they are. Rooms will be painted by school personnel.

    A regular study hall is conducted on Sunday through Thursday evenings. During this period we expect student cooperation in maintaining a ”quiet time“ throughout the dormitories. If one needs an assignment or some other consideration, a resident assistant will be in the hallway to assist. Committee meetings, rehearsals and all other activities that would draw the student from his/her studies are discouraged during study periods. Only the organizational sponsor must contact the dean for any exceptions to missing study hall.

    The following types of items should not be brought into the dorm: matches of any kind, drum sets, candles, oil lamps, incense, sun lamps, halogen lamps, cigarette lighters, flammable fluids or chemicals, microwaves, toaster ovens, grills, poppers, toasters, frying pans, and heating units. These items are subject to permanent confiscation and a $10.00 fine will be imposed. (Any other electrical appliances must be approved by the dean.)
    In harmony with North Carolina state laws, fireworks and firecrackers are not allowed on campus at any time. These items are subject to a $25.00 fine and possible suspension.
    TV’s, VCR’s, radios (or devices with radio access), video/computer games, DVDs or movies of any kind, unacceptable CD’s and tapes, pictures, reading matter, etc. will be confiscated.  (Please note policy regarding personal listening devices.)

    In order for the spirit of reverence to be maintained, students should come properly dressed for worship with a spirit of quietness and meditation. Attendance will be taken at all worship services.


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