The objective of Christian discipline is to help the student achieve true self-government. When it becomes necessary to correct behavior the Administrative Council may use a variety of methods including campus-binding, supervised activity, suspension, reduction or loss of privileges, social-binding, etc. The administration reserves the right to question a student about his/her behavior or progress at any time without parental consent. A two-thirds majority vote of the staff is required to expel a student from school. The student and the student’s parents and/or pastor may attend the meeting before this decision is made.

   Students often perceive all rules as moral issues when, in reality, there are at least three different categories of rules.
• Moral Standards, which tie directly to the Ten Commandments:
    Substance abuse
    Dishonesty of any type
• Inappropriateness:
    Disrupting class
    Unnatural and excessive make-up
    Public display of affection
    Faddish hair styles and clothes
• Rules because of safety and the number of people:
    Leaving campus without permission
    Limited town trips
    Seating charts

   When students understand the different nature of rules, they will see the need for all three types of rules in order for a school like Mount Pisgah Academy to operate smoothly, and will see the importance of cooperating in all three areas. It is very important that all parties involved -- students, parents, staff, and school constituents -- be moving in the same direction in relation to the basic policies and standards of the school.

   We work to address infractions at the earliest stage to prevent any further problems by using a five-level write-up discipline system as follows:
    Level 1 / Warning to student and letter to parents
    Level 2 / Conference w/an Administrator
    Level 3 / Ad Council or conference with administration
    Level 4 / Subject to suspension
    Level 5 / Subject to expulsion
    (Depending on the type or severity of the behavior the write up may be given a higher level at the discretion of Ad Council.)

Prohibited Items
    In harmony with school policies, the following items should not be in a student’s possession at any time: weapons, knives of any kind, cigarette lighters, pornographic material, condoms, illegal substances, alcohol or tobacco products, “e-cigarrettes” (or similar products), CD’s/Movies, etc. Possession of any such items may bring severe disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion.

    Mount Pisgah Academy views any act of vandalism as an act of defiance and/or destruction to the school and its values. Vandalism includes (but is not limited to) defacing property, entering locked or restricted buildings, removing screens, destroying property, writing on desks or building, etc. Students involved in a primary or accessory way to vandalism will be fined a minimum of $25 plus replacement/repair costs, and will be subject to further discipline.

    Experience has taught that there are some practices which should not be permitted at Mount Pisgah Academy because they tend to break trust between people. Offense on the following points or willful violation of school regulations makes a student liable to serious discipline or to immediate dismissal from the school. Individual circumstances will be taken into account.

1. The use, possession, or supplying of any type of weapons (including, but not limited to, knives, guns, etc.), illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia of any kind.
2. The use, possession, or supplying of materials identified with spiritualism, the occult, or pornographic in nature..
3. Unauthorized possession, use, or duplication of keys. There may also be a fine (up to $1500.00) because it may be necessary to re key the building(s) involved.
4. Dishonesty in any phase of school life, including on or off campus theft, cheating on examinations or other class work, and unauthorized use of credit cards and/or school telephones.
5. Any type of improper sexual conduct, including: unauthorized presence in the dorm, exposing oneself (such as mooning, flashing, etc.), inappropriate touching or physical contact.
6. Termination from a campus or industry job.
7. Exhibiting mental instability and/or suicidal tendencies or attempting suicide.
8. Use, possession, or supplying of alcoholic beverages or tobacco in any form.
9. Gambling or betting and any associated gaming activity.
10. Vandalism (willful destruction) of any school property.
11. Attending or participating in questionable or inappropriate amusements during any time the school is responsible for the student.
12. Leaving campus without proper permission or falsifying a leave request.
13. Disrespect shown to any member of the staff, the community, or the student body, including conspiracy or participation in any act that injures, degrades, intimidates, or disgraces the person.

  Hazing is illegal in the state of North Carolina and therefore not permitted on the campus of Mount Pisgah Academy. By definition, hazing is any action “to annoy any student by playing abusive or ridiculous tricks upon him, to frighten, scold, beat or harass him, or to subject him to personal indignity.” (Section 14.35 of the North Carolina Hazing Law). The law further stipulates that any student involved in hazing others must be expelled from school.

   Any student involved in a prank that is intended to capitalize on the fear of a terrorist’s attack on a campus building, or the health or safety of a student and/or staff, is subject to dismissal.

   The Administrative Council may suspend a student accused of any criminal action until the case is resolved.

   A student whose progress or conduct is unsatisfactory, or whose spirit, beliefs and/or attitude is out of harmony with the standards and principles of the school, or whose influence is found to be detrimental, may be dismissed at any time, although there may have been no specific violation of any regulations.

   A student who has been asked to withdraw from school or has been suspended or dismissed may not return to the school campus for any reason for a minimum of one year without specific authorization by the school Ad Council. Any student who is expelled or asked to withdraw from school will not be eligible for re-admission until they have completed a minimum of nine successful weeks in another school.



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